What's the chances of BB coming back as Doris?

Is Doris BB?

  • Could be, burn her and see!

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  • Yes, burn the witch!

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Gunny Highway said:
Why couldn't be our resident idiot who has a fatal heart attack. It's just not fair................
awwwwwww gunny it's okay,
this is fun,
think of it as the witch hunt that keeps on giving.......

and when we all decide we're really bored everyone has the home addy and we can have a great big ARRSE get together....!!!!

better? :p
oooooooooh a "burn the witch" party sounds like fun

being a sweaty i know how these things should be done, can i come?

pleeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee :twisted:
I wanna join in - I may be elsewhere at the moment, but I need to catch up with everyone and what better way than at a communal burning.

Firelighters anyone?
no trumptons though, dont want those bloody damp squids ruining our fun by whinging about pay and having to move with the times.

where are you Doris?? youve had, SAS, Det and Gurkhas, who are your adopted soldiers this time?
gado said:
Sod it, whoever she is, she has managed to p!ss people off already, so burn her anyway!!
Look what you started now, beebs - burnings without evidence!

You should have put "Try to drown her, burn her if she survives" in the poll - that's the only fair way to try a Witch, after all :twisted:

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