Whats the bobby on Wiki?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I'd throw this up... I guess someone knows:

    Wikipedia... I've got an alterior motive for wanting to add something for Wiki... in that I want "Biagi" to be better known:

    This is Biagi... actually one of my sites. Yeah and I know! it's just one step short of becoming a florist and yes, I get all limp wristed when I'm not focusing... but it does beat getting blown up by some Bangladeshi buggering around in my vicinity.

    So anyway I was thinking of adding to a topic: Italian charm bracelets to mention Biagi and the competing brands pehaps bunging in a link... but it feels wrong. For some odd reason it offers me the opportunity to edit... even though I'm not signed up.

    So does anyone know the bobby? How far can you go before being bunged out for advertising... and why do you sometimes have to have an account and sometimes not?

    Cheers,- C
  2. msr

    msr LE

    I believe that commercial advertising on wikipedia is against their rules...

  3. Anyone can edit it and put whatever they like until one of the mods reviews it and discards it because you're advertising a company or writing complete bollocks which contravenes the wikipedia rules.
    Have you signed up for a google account yet? There's plenty tips in there for getting biagi up in the ratings.
    You could contribute linked images to the wiki from your site...that way it's discreet advertising that will get recognised by spiders and crawlers and the like.
    Wikipedia gets abused a lot so they're pretty hot on rule-breaking.
    I had my (sensible) submission removed for advertising and even got told to change my name because they said I might get confused for an admin 8O
  4. Cheers deadcode... useful... didn't click about the link pictures... obvious now I think of it sneaky too.

    msr... does Wiki have COs too? Are the Junta taking over the world!! Or do you mean that they are in the know (which they must be).

    Cheers,- C
  5. msr... you just editted your post!

    When you wah! Stand up and be proud of it. Show that (contrary to pop belief) MoDs are human too. :)
  6. msr

    msr LE

    superhuman ;)
  7. Kicking myself... for saying MoDs are human too... should have been hamsters ;-)
  8. Didn't work deadcode - looks like you have to upload all images, thus losing the link... unless you know better. Do you?
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    RSS feeds. Its the future. Blast your site all over the shop with Alnera FeedWorkshop RSS Editor. They're Russians pretending to be German for some reason.


    Now, about my discount on Georg Jensen?
  10. Have to say my wikipedia experience was short lived and I don't plan to go back for more. That said, There are endless ways to plug your site:
    1) Register with Google and offer them a sitemap for their spider...
    2) Get linked! You'll have to email other sites/companies and offer a reciprocal link on yours (I find if you get 1 out 10 to reply then thats normal)
    3) Add your site name to your signature on every email and forum you frequent.
    Theres plenty more (free) ways and plenty other not so free/legal methods.
    Viagra anyone? :x
    Those are just online methods, obviously you've got the whole spectrum of offline advertising open to you as well...
    I got some good ideas just by searching for 'google listings website' :wink:
  11. Not sure about adding to the article itself but most entries have a list of relevant off site links at the bottom. Slap your "URL" in there.

    If there's no such page how about creating a business page like Nike's? and then you can add Biagi to the disambiguation pages.
  12. I'm not sure what this is about TID... had a look on wiki and didn't understand a bloody word! It seems to be more for blog type sites. As for Georg Jensen - howdyaworkthatoneout! - I actually did a bit of work for them as the factory is in town... for free... (the army ássists buisnesses) ... blowing silver plate into fish dishes retailing at £80,000. For my effort and after some very unsubtle hints they gave me an elephant bottle opener worth £20 from the seconds bin! I don't think you'll get a discount from them or anyone else.
  13. Cheers deadcode and DPMS... I can do the normal SEO and am actually number 5 on google even though a lot of my links and yahoo and msn registrations haven't kicked in yet. I kind of gave up on Wiki... but you may have a point there DPMS... just bloody go for it up front and see how they react.

    Cheers to all,- C