Whats the biggest animal you could kill with your bare hands

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TBGB, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. OK so in a drunken discussion at the weekend a friend and I were trying to work out what the largest animal you could kill with your bare hands is. You must remember that you are not allowed any weapons or sneaky tricks like building a trap.

    I reckon I could deck a shetland pony, if I snuck up on it.

    I then found this site:

  2. I once had a title fight with a T rex, he wont on points, But i think i could handle a mouse. When i was 6 i dispatched the neighbours cat with ease.
  3. A really really sleepy monkey. I'd sneak up behind him, ram a stick up his bum and then hit him in the ear whilst he flapped about having a stick stuck up his bum as he dozed off.
  4. Any points for a draw? I could get stuck in an alligator's throat.

    Not that I'd particularly want to, of course.
  5. We did debate jumping into a whales blow hole and suffocating it ( I have no idea how big or small these things are) although I don't reckon this counts as you'd drown long before the whale.
  6. I smother a python atleast 4 times a day...
  7. Wow, not one fat chick joke yet!

    Sea cow = big, slow, stupid and defenseless. There's a reason we hunted them to extinction. Or you could just wait for a whale to beach itself and then not throw water on it to keep it alive. Does killing an animal through negligence count?
  8. Nah you have to be in the animals enviroment. Negligence doesn't count.
  9. Do humans count as animals? :twisted:
  10. Ok then, on that basis, I'm going to go "Primary School Teacher":

  11. Choked a chicken a few times in my life..... just the one belonging to me before anyone thinks this'll be good for a wind-up....
  12. I reckon I could take a large dog...I'm not saying I'd look pretty afterwards, and I'd need a few rabies vaccinations...
  13. I'm sure I've seen a few of them around Hull....
  14. Gordon Brown
  15. My ex.

    Man, she was just NASTY.