Whats the bigger picture?

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when it comes to postings, you have a soldier that is happy in whatever theatre s/he is serving in and so applies to stay somewhere within that theatre, Only to get the big F""k off tablet from mcm div,because there answer is "you don´t understand the bigger picture"
i.e soldier in germany tries to put in posting for somewhere in else in germany.
To get the answer above from mcm
So what is the bigger picture, Are we really needed in the u.k "for example"
Or as the other one from mcm is "TO enable soldiers in england to have the chance to serve in germany"
    "for example"
But the majority of squaddies i know don´t want to come abroad or soon want to go back after arriving.

So come on mcm "whats the bigger picture?"
answer "retainment"................NOT.
The Mona Lisa would have been okay, but I was hoping for something a little bit more modern with a little less clothes... You can amazing detail on the really big pictures  :p
I saw a painting of an Elephant once,that was a big picture,obviously not MCMs though,Elephants are supposed to have a memory !
Ah yes the bigger picture. That’s the one where MCM don’t give you the posting that suits you but gives it to someone else who it also doesn’t suit either that way everybody is unhappy so it is all fair in the end. That must be the bigger picture.
I think the 'bigger picture' is actually a small map of the world.  A soldier recently posted from Germany to UK for 'compassionate reasons' because a close relative was in hospital in the NW was in fact sent to a large garrison in the SW that has no train station!

Come on you clever bods at APC - try and put something together!!!
To be FRANK you're better off in civvi street and after the cash he got for the ad campaign he went there.

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