What's the betting we discover he's on the spectrum

Apparently he's got a brian disorder.
Backpacker from Liverpool faces ten years in a Thai prison | Daily Mail Online

I have three dreams

1. I'm Kylie's Sexual plaything
2. I can hold a conversation with my dog
3. I work for the British embassy abroad and get to explain the facts of life to morons like this

I suspect there will be an effort to bring him back cos "he just didnt realize" oh and "he's on the F'ing spectrum" like they all are. I hope to see him on banged up abroad in about 8 years
Spectrum? Was it the voice mysterons that put him up to it
I'm trying to find sympathy. Maybe it's in the dictionary.

Very appropriate singlet, by the way.
.......the one on the left's female? Was it "bring a Diesel-dike on holiday week la?"
Something tells me that "she" is a heterosexual man-hater who is in a relationship with that retard solely because she can give him a vigorous and abusive pegging with a 16" Black Mamba strapon.
Do Thai prisons give time off for good behav............. never mind.

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