whats the best way you have found?

I have seen many different options regarding holding your pouches together on your webbing i.e using a bungee across the bottom to hold them all together and stop them bouncing all over the place i was wondering what other ways have worked best for people on here?
The Utility strap, through the loops on the back of the pouches & bungee through the stupid wee loops at the sides across the front, Arktis pouches have press studs(or did)along the edges so if you had a whole set of their stuff you could use them.


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Easiest way to do this, is to get a hippo pad (Essential bit of kit, regardless. Harsh times at Sennybridge and Salisbury have only reinforced this dozens of times over) and ensure simply, that everything is attached properly and securely. I have no need of anything else.
Avoid bungee cords, they only serve to tighten over a pouch once you take something out, and make it a bugger to get it back in. (The classic one is over the ammo pouch.... sigh...)

Failing that, I have seen and have been tempted by the rather inventive idea of having pouches sewn onto the hippo pad with reinforced stitching.
Don't laugh, we had a look at a set that had been done by the tailor, and we couldn't rip them off, couldn't make them jiggle around. It was a solid, efficient and comfortable piece of kit.

Screwed if you want to make an adjustment mind!!
That sounds very much like the Airborne webbing on this site, so you'd recommend it if you were happy with the way your christmas tree order was?
SASS also make a set of utility/waterbottle pouches fixed to a hippo type pad system.... Have used SASS kit before and is top quality, will be investing in these once its bounty time!

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