Whats the best way to pack a Bergan?

Sorry if this has been done before. I have packed my kit into my Bergan so many different ways and have indeed seen other peoples Bergans packed and wondered which you guys think is the best way. At the moment my poncho, bungees and pegs go in the top flap of my Longback Bergan, sleeping bag in bivvi and put to the bottom of my Bergan. Dry and warm kit in a stuff sack and washing and shaving kit in a seperate bag. Most other things get chucked here and there or in my webbing. Oh, GoreTex in right rocket and NBC/CBRN kit in left rocket.
Ask your Soldier servant to do it for you!
I've found that from the bottom up to the top seems to work best....;-)
Individual preference is the key, remember you need to be able to find every bit of your kit at any time, when your flapping or in the dark.
For me-

Left rocket
-for nbc only, with the daysack yoke fitted to it and gaffered up so it doesn't hang loose or interfere with the zips.
Right rocket
-some food, peak stove ,sigg water bottle, basha making kit and a wash/boot kit ( my admin rocket)
Top flap
- goretex jacket
Inside flap
-bit more food.
Main pouch-
As you say sleeping bag in the bivvy down the bottom,on top of that is a canoe bag with a softy, spare socks, trousers e.t.c
thermarest rolled up and tucked vertically next to the bivvy and canoe bag. Section kit on top of this (normally in a grab bag).

And thats pretty much it.

But its all down to individual preference, what works for me might not work for you, and what kit you are carrying/what your role is within the btry. e.t.c
Take 3 separate colour coded bergens. You can choose your own colours but as an example pack your bergans as so:

Green Bergan. All your mil kit, stiff it in, most often needed kit to the bottom.
Yellow bergen. Ipod, Game Boy, board games, books, CD palyer etc.
Pink bergen. Coy porn collection.

If you have any further questions please ask.
Does anyone actually use the rocket yoke anymore?
Sounds like a TA question to me, I tend to smash 10 cans of fosters into me (because i'm off somewhere I can't drink) then stuff whatever is in my "EX" locker in there. Its a top laff when you get into the field and realise you've got to spend 2/3/4 weeks living with ur missus favourite teddy and a cowboy hat you wore on the last mess do!
Read your units SOP's u cnut!
offer to assist in packing your oppo's bergan, Pltn Cmdr if preferable. this will make you look keen.

first , start at the very bottom with either a dead clansman batt or some other dead weight old track link, bag of sand etc, depending on your unit. this will add to overall weight and make you look a lot fitter than him and be good for morale of the troops when he finds it as near to the exercise as possible, best effect is at endex when unpacking for turn round, "remember the exercise is not over until you're ready to go again!"

for your own bergan prefer to include as much helium as possible, It seems to lighten the load and is also amusing to the rest of the section seeing an unusually high pitched voiced person with a claret spillage

Oh include a FFD
Sorry K_D it's not a WAH! Just wanted to know how other people set theirs up to see if I could make life easier for myself in the field.
I think its really trial and error. The logical conclusion is to pack what you may need to get quickly ( gore tex, basha kit, stella artois etc) near the top of your bergen, and things you dont need to get out quickly like doss bag spare clothes etc at the bottom. Or failing that join an RAC regiment and put your kit in the multitude of bins on your wagon,
What ever you choose, use those canoe bags to keep your kit dry, or more currently, keep the sand out of your kit in your bergan! I can not recomend canoe bags highly enough, they do cost a lot, but if you buy a good one you buy it once as opposed to buying a cheap thing twice as it wears out!
roy01 you made me laugh..... i was thinking along the same lines. :D
Im sure this fella is having a laugh. His next question will be: Whats the best way to lace your boots??????
Actually lads..... if you read the thread properly you may see that the purpose was to find out how other people pack their kit into their Bergans and not, as you think, how do you pack one in general. I am well aware of how to pack my own Bergan I was merely curious as to the way other people packed theirs to see if I could make life easier in the field. Oh, I also find the looping technique works a treat with lacing boots.

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