Whats the best way to deal with cdt Walts?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by manwitash, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. In my many :D years with the acf i've come across a number of serious cdt Walts and come on, you must be bad to earn that title.

    Given the forums many years of experience I was wondering what the best way to deal with any such cdts would be in the future.
  2. what do you mean "cadet walts" ???

    you mean slightly over enthusiastic kids with too much pocket money going out buying assault vests, sas smocks & kevelar helmets??
  3. or like the div on the last post????????
  4. Definately the div on the last post.

    Nothing wrong with a cadet wanting a posy bit of kit
  5. have you tried having a quiet word with them first off??

    tell them it's ok to try and look a bit ally, but anything else is going to far!!

    and for the love of god tell them that arrse isn't the place for them to come and post things like "i'm a cdt corporal and that means i know more than a private soldier" bolloxs
  6. tell him its all gravy to be keen but there are times and places. tell him to respect his elders or those he knows bugger all about.
  7. Kick him in the cun T!
  8. Flog him ,the curr
  9. Discourage them from giving it charlie large.

    If they don't take the hint, take the piss non-stop.
  10. Eat the little friggers ... not all at once though :D