Whats the best way of securing a mid post move?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheCleric, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Been where I am for a year and since my marriage has just ended I fancy moving, as to be honest I hate it where I'm at.

    What's the best way to go about it? OC Sqn interview and officially request it? Welfare side due to the marital thing (kind of get a feeling this won't work) or go via my RCMO, who I'm incidentally due a FCR interview with.

    Also, what's my chances? Anyone actually managed it? After Wilton preferably, though Blandford might be alright as I'm after doing my TMA's this year and being there might help matters... SST might be good.

    Advice appreciated.
  2. I got a move by the CO interview route, backed up by chatting to the Adjt at Lanyard trophy training, and laying out my reasons to him. Once he heard them, and was convinced I was serious, I got a choice of postings within a week. Never went near the CO, so who said that there's no point to Lanyard! :p
  3. You can AGAI 67.... Yourself self removal non blameworthy of post. check it out its for winners....... :eek:
  4. Talk to the Padre. He will have a great ear and be able to talk things thru' with you and can fastrack postings and will help you out. Trust me they are worth their weight in gold and want to help. Hope things work out son.
  5. Did you have double crack on your cornflakes, or have I just lost my fill?

  6. I can't believe youre even thinking of pulling the welfare card when it is apparently not warranted. Its either due to welfare or its not. It shouldn't be used or even concidered as an 'option' to going elsewhere. That sort of thing pishes me off a bit because people who do pull that card tend to shaft other people...not to mention the integrity side of things.
  7. Try Pad shagging. That's been known to have people moved within days.
  8. You have lost your fil friend there is a thing in AGAI's self removal of post - non blame worthy - look it up. I know people whom have done it, it has to be approved by the CO, but it can be a lottery where you are posted.
  9. This definitely works, 24 hours :wink:
  10. Yeah I know about the pad shagging thing. Only reason I mentioned the welfare route is because IMO it kind of is but it isn't... then again the UWO is also my Sqn 2IC since everyone's deployed so he'd find out one way or another.

    Thanks for the advice so far.
  11. Make sure that you shag the right pad - or you will simply end up in a civil ceremony!
  12. Shag her then. Posting in one
  13. Go through the chain of command. The easiest way with people who will/should help you.
  14. Are there any children involved? If so and they are with her then you should be able to get welfared to that area in the kids interest.
    Blandford and wilton! Also in the area then must be 1 mech, 3 div etc.