Whats the best way of knowing how far you running?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chris42, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. I dont go to the gym so dont have atreadmill to time how many miles im doing. I just run outside but I don tknow how far im actually running ? how you supposed to know ?
  2. Attach a role of bog roll to your back, when you finish the run pull it all in and cout the sheets.

    Take a measuring of a sheet, and multiply by the number of sheets. Hey presto, distance run.


    If you road run, take a car round. Use the Trip.

    Mapmyrun from above is good, if you know your route well.
  3. Google Earth. plot your route and measure with ruler option and choose Feet/Kms/Miles etc.
  4. Another one to try http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

    If you're going to be doing a lot of running and training for distance, buy a Garmin forerunner or similar.
  5. Gmaps pedomter is pretty good for planning your runs.

    A garmin Forerunner is the best option for seeing how you're getting on whilst running. You might want to consider the Nike+ system with iPod.

    It's not as accurate as a Garmin as I find mine to be over by about 500mtrs on a 10k run and about 750mtrs on an 18.5k run (though they say it can be calibrated but for some reason it eludes me). Though the Nike+ website it links to is good for keeping track of your progress and also has a feature like gmaps to plan and record your runs on.
  6. buy a local A-Z , use the scale to measure distance
  7. OS 1:50000 - a simple route card and measurement.
  8. simply count your strides as you run to the end of your street and back, then measure the distance using a 30cm ruler and a piece of chalk. divide the distance in metres by the number of strides you took. this will give you your stride length. when you next go for a run, count the number of strides you take on your run and multiply it by your stride length.

    simple. :roll:
  9. Goto Google and search GoogleEarth, the free software uses a satelite so you can work it out easily.
  10. Measure the distance between the pubs.
  11. Google Maps; go to the My Maps option and pick distance measurement tool. If you get bored of running three miles, you can run 5.14E-13 light years instead ;)
  12. www.mapmytri.com is pretty good. Have used it for a while and had no issues
  13. this has got to be a bite?? what ever happened to a OS map, a bit of paper and a straight edge???