Whats the best trade?

Discussion in 'REME' started by aj2608, May 14, 2008.

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  1. What do you think is the best trade in REME and why?

    Hopefully will help me make up my mind...
  2. Fella, you shouldn't be asking that question here. What is good for me may not be good for you.
    I'm an ECE (old money term for a land systems tech) and would say that that is best. No doubt Aircraft/Avionics/VM/Weapons?Shipwrights will tell you they are the best. You will also get disillusioned tradesmen saying that their trade is the worst.
    Your best bet is to try to work out what you want and if possible get some kind of work placement. At least that way you may get an insight into your future employment.
  3. Well to answer your question, i would have to say...

    For fixing engines, a VM would be best

    For electrics, an electrician

    For planes and helicopters, i would say an airtech (if they still are a trade)

    For guns, an armourer

    For metal joining etc, a welder

    And it goes on, what you have to do here, is think what it is you would like to do, and or what would help you get a job when you get out.

    Its like saying, which icecream is best? i like chocolate, my mrs likes strawberry, so who is right?
  4. Right. I'll be the first then... Gloves on!!!


    :) :) :)
  5. Gren, you missed out storemen.

  6. There can be only one.
  7. As said before it all depends on what you are actually interested in mate, i was a VM and loved my job however some aspects of it could get you down.

    Recovery Mechanics probably have the greatest amount of job satisfaction however there are downsides to that job also, promotion used to be the main one but not sure if thats changed in recent years.

    If i had my time again, i think i may have looked at the technician option closer, probably Aircraft technician as i was into spannering and as much as they may argue they are just posh VM's with shadow boards and tiny hammers!!

    What are your interests?? that is the key really as too many people now join the REME to fill pinch trades that the recruiters need to fill, they dont really wanna do it and as a result are W*NK at the job as they have little or no interest in it.......
  8. Armr ..... The machy wagon is always warm, with the kettle, toaster, telly on, rarely having to share a genny because its 3 phase! Anyone can be uncomfortable!
  9. Look im not asking you lot what you think is the best so i can make up my mind because as you said it all depends on the individual...

    i just want to know why you think you trade is the best or what are the downfalls!

    im thinking about air tech or VM but have been told air tech would be better in the RAF

    any opinions?
  10. it honestly depends on what your own personal intrests are and if you are looking for quals that can help you get a civvy job later.
    most trades give you a qual and a good grounding for life after green,
    some like armourer dont, theres bugger all call for gunsmiths in the UK, (and to be honest these days an armourer is just a storeman with a box of parts and a set of gauges, a gunsmith needs metal working/cutting experiance, like a fitter/turner apprenticeship)

    your talking about going reg i take it and not TA?
  11. alb

    alb Clanker

    20 years ago I asked a VM SSgt in the recruiting office about what would be a good job in the REME. He said "For all the time I have spent in the Army there is one trade who get paid well, work now and again on firing camp, promote quickly and when they do cock up don't get into that much trouble". 20 years on as a Tech, with the exception of the trouble bit I would agree. Hope this helps.

  12. Yeah, I agree alb. I mean , where else can u get paid for sitting in a box body reading your books on little boys for hours on end. Really ladies...ahem...... I do believe this is the time to throw in a shout for A Mechs.
    Stand by...........box !!! :twisted:
  13. And before you reply alb, laydees and gennelmen, yes the previous post was my first time. I was an ARRSE virgin !! :oops:
  14. alb

    alb Clanker


    I'm sure as an A Mech you were never an ARRSE virgin. You probably have a tin of XG-279 under your desk just in case you need to lube. Being an A Mech is something you need to stand on your soap box and shout about. What I would'nt do however is go on a thread and use the words ARRSE Virgin in the past tense.

    "Shooting down the wrong range will not get you an APWT pass however it may make you friends in high places"

  15. On the first day God created the RD to wonder around and make sure the world was neat and tidy.
    On the second day, God created Tech Store-men to go around and account for all the stuff he had created.
    On the third day he created Armourers to produce little popguns, to shoot down all the birds sh*tt*ng on his lovely land.
    On the fourth day he created Tels Techs, to knit nets to catch fish to feed the other men.
    On the fifth day he created Vehicle Mechanics to create machines to move around the new world.
    On the sixth day, God created Reccy Mechs to reek havoc and pull down all that had been created.
    On the seventh day, God finally created the perfect Tradesman, and so it was that the ECE came to rule the world.

    Need I say more.