whats the best thing youve robbed off the army?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by copey, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. robbing off the boys is bang out of order but a bit of "stocktaking" or proffing from the stores means you have got one over on the system! :twisted:
    I managed a box full of G1098 watches once, what have you had away or "re-distributed" and actually got away with?
  2. Set of bolt cutters, they were permantly in the boot of my car, and helped me cut many a lock off wheel clamps.
  3. i knew of a couple of lads at detmold who found a way into the p.o.l compound and whipped just about the whole war reserve of canned petrol!
    fcuk knows what would have happened if we had been mobilized! probbably got about 20 miles down the road and ground to a halt!
  4. You're a monkey aren't you ? :wink:

    I'm sorry, i cannot answer that question
  5. I remember once coming off a ship in Guzz after a deployment, with a bag full of loot. As we approached the gate, freedom but a few yards away, some keen eyed MOD plod type asked a few of us to go over. Being little baby sailor types at the time we agreed to having our bags searched. Thinking I was in the sh1t, as the guy started to laugh at my meagre haul. They were after drugs and illegal duty free.

    It almost scared me into honesty. Now if anyone has access to some avon drysuits...
  6. "Aquired" 42 CDO's Union Jack on tour, bit of a bastard to get, stashed away in the loft now, any offers?

    Also, if there's any engineers reading this from 9 sqn, are you missing a large plaque from the front of your gates, i seem to have that too, but its got a great tale behind it so you cant have it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Nine years salary and the RSM's daughter. :wink:
  8. i like that , what size you need to snip them off ?
  9. One of my sections "stole" the entire contents of a Danish Panzer Bn's Main one night on Pre Bosnia deployment trg.

    So the sketch was the Danes asked us to probe their sector with disruptive patrols that evening. Obviously they didn't quite get how that would be received. Telling the blokes to be "disruptive" at night and "gain intelligence" was only ever going to turn out bad.

    Obviously the Danish CO (whose plan this was) was feeling pretty good about himself as he sat in his wagon drinking his Carlsberg thinking how his Sqns were going to get on with the Britishers taking the pish all night. I imagine his sense of satisfaction dropped considerable when Cpl Nasty and his blokes burst into his Main (which wasn't hard as it was illuminated by the light of a thousand suns) all war paint and swearing and had him lying face dow the snow for the next twenty minutes as they were "dispruptive" and "gained intelligence".

    I had to give him his beret and rank slides back the next day.
  10. Once 'liberated' (can you steal something that's been thrown away?) ;) all the tools we'd exchanged that day from the QM Tech stores skip. Only to exchange them again the next week.
  11. A complete service, 6 monthly, including new tyres, battery, and brakes, for my privately owned land rover, by leaving it in the MT with a crate of Becks in it. Sweet.
  12. Only thing I've taken off the Army is a little bit of its professional sheen.
  13. A former oppo of mine used to have his name tape on velcro, just so he could become anonymous when the mood took him. On one exercise in Germany he removed his beret, rank, and name tape in order do rob some yanks. He stripped them bare arrse naked and robbed all their uniforms, webbing and assorted other kit. This was duly sold in various North West walt shops at a good profit margin. Some people have no morals at all.
  14. On my final tour, some arch-muppet SNCO was stupid enough to put me in charge of his inventory. I exchanged some real prehistoric cold & foul weather kit for nice new parkas - ensuring in the process that I came out with more than I went to stores with. At the time, DPM parkas were hot as snot and everyone wanted a slice of the action. I aim to please. That's £100 please mucker! Bargain! :wink:

    (That box of G10s was a real steal - pun unintended)
  15. Liberated a few things in me time.. usualy pyro stuff... trip flares, mini flares, shmoolies, boxes of thunder flashes... they always go down well on bommy night :D

    Come unstuck once tho when some C4 went missing on a police dog training excercise that somehow crossed over on our training area.. some civvy had found it and took it home. On checking my bergen after the main ex it was like a standard fireworks factory. Just used the old... oh bollox I forgot to use them... thats why me kit was so heavy :D

    Liberated a bayonet and shield from an infantry training battallion... not saying which one lol

    oh and a certain cretins mountain bike after he raided my personal kit and took me stereo whilst I was in ireland... the fooka