Whats the best thing youve put in your mouth?


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They do a salmon dish at a The Grand Hotel in Brighton, I've never, ever tasted anything so good in my whole life. I measure the quality of all food against that which is served at The Grand.


has got to be something i made in the final year of school fried eggs, bacon, sausage, hash brown beans chopped tomatoes fried mushrooms all layered up on a toasted ploughmans bap never felt so sick in my life but completly worth it.
No But it will do. Mine would be a Pint od Carling Extra Cold Lager after weeks of Fosters P1sh
It was massive one it filled my whole plate had to have a seprate one for chips,onions and mushrooms apparently the Butcher has a good reputation and a bad one for being a over pricing arse hole!
My Father asked him why he is so expensive and he said because he slaughters and cuts the meat himself.
A long island ice tea on an island in the french caribbean, watching the great sunset and the topless french girs. ;)
the curry me and my mucker had last night,fcuking great but the misses didn,t think so this morning!! :wink:

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