whats the best thing about being in the royal signals?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. i got asked by a potential new recruit this question and i was wondering your views on it...

    obviously i just told him army life is just like on the adverts and all we do is piss around on ski slopes and enjoy fun excercises.

    try and keep it positive troops! :D


    PS sigs board is looking pretty empty/dead recently isnt it?!
  2. Using Cormorant/Dagger/Whatever to call home when your 20 free minutes a week run out?
  3. Being remoted with a big box of fresh rations, a TV on the det and sunbathing away from the morale holocaust happening down at command.
  4. Knowing that only the brightest and most intelligent make it into "Gods own Corps" after all where else can you discuss sunspot activity and Fresnel zones to the commander whilst blaming the other end (non Corps)for the lack of comms :1:
  5. Putting up tents, all over the world.

    No, no must keep it positive! Having Tv's/playstation on exercise.
  6. That's a bit like asking "What's the best thing about having syph/plague etc etc"

    edited to add "I'll get my coat.............Taxi!"
  7. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Getting paid the same as the rest of the British Army as we are all nearly on high pay band. Minus the bountys given to pilots/infantry and marines of course.
  8. Nice capbadge? Sort of like Eric Morecambe before he piled on the pounds.

    Er...and one of the most prestigous Corps messes in the Army. When I was there last I got a single room. Luxury indeed.[/sarcasm] :twisted:
  9. Putting up tents!!! For the win!!!

    Or getting to drive 43x series, love it when ya get em sideways!!! I miss my old Ferrari :(
  10. working with only the best the army can provide, both equipment and people, yeah thats right, i work with the infantry!! (sorry) I love the Corps its great and in 8 years i get to be a old Corps member and go to Blandford (or wherever) and tell young uns how good they get it and how it was really hard when i was in. Cant wait. Certa Cito ya bas....
  11. for someone whos getting out i was expecting some incoming from you!!!

    i know your tricks!
  12. Drill Club and the Parkour Crew at 15 sigs silly!!
  13. I really do hope your a wind-up pal.
  14. Hey potatohead, turn that frown upside down u big silly :wave: Check out my typo i meant 14 Sigs :eek: xxx
  15. Fcuk off you mincing queg.