whats the best sleeping bag?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. hi,
    i am looking for a sleeping bag that would be suitiable for a excerise covering 30 miles but i want a light and warm sleeping bag would a 58 bag be any good.
  2. Go to Ikea and get a nice king size bed, tog 10 duvet and possibly some thick socks just incase. Very comfy, just get someone else to carry it...
  3. Why does the distance effect the choice of bag?

    The time of year, the duration you intend to be out (and hence how much space you can alocate to a bag) etc would be much more useful information.

    (editted because what I originally wrote made no sense)
    "Why does he distance make any effort to the bag?"
  4. It depends on what enviroment you will be covering. The hills of Scotland, require different kit to Salisbury Plain. Either way the Softie range is the Dogs Danglies.
  5. im covering 30 miles in 2 days 17 on the first 12 on the 2nd and its in waltham
  6. Give us a bit more to work with if you want a better answer than 'This is what I've got'.

    For starters:
    Where is the excercise?
    What time of year is it to be held?
    Will you be under ponchos/in tents/inside?
    What else are you going to have to carry?
    How much have you got to spend?

    For starters, have a look at the Softie range.


    Edited to note that I was beaten to it.
  7. So it is one night out at low altitude.

    "Softie" http://www.snugpak.com/ Work out what you think youll be doing over the next couple of years, review their range, and buy the most expensive kit you can. It is too costly to buy cheap kit as you will end up replacing it!
  8. I think that a number of people have the same idea here.

    If it's a one-off, some camping shops will rent you kit if you ask them nicely.

  9. the ex is in june i think we are in tents its in waltham and its a big walk do you think i should us e an issue slepping bag.
  10. Would I be right in thinking that you are being issued a 58 bag? If so this will be fine at keeping you warm, perhaps not the best or the lightest but the cheapest.
    Think to your self, am I going to be doing lots of camping in the next 2-3 years?
    If yes, then will large majority of it be of a 3 seasons nature? Or will some of it be above the snow line?

    Then look at money and buy accordingly.

    Why did you think that distance was important? Or were you just trying to prove your a hard man after your kit mod thread?
  11. If i was you Id get the issued 58 bag until you have some more money,
    (stoves and midlayers are more useful in cadets thn doss bags as you only ever have one night out at a time)

    Then Modify the 58 pattern bag to make it lighter by splitting the seems and shaking all that hollowfiber bollocks out, this will reduce the bulk / weight!
  12. and size!
  13. For sleeping in a tent in Waltham in June, anything will do. If you're looking to buy a bag, unless you're going to spend a lot of time sleeping out in extreme conditions, a 3 season bag is your best bet. If you need to upgrade it for winter use, you can always buy a liner, or better still, buy a nice lightweight 2 season bag which you can use inside your 3 season. The two bags wont be appreciably bulkier than a 5 season expedition one, but they will give you a lot more flexibility.
    The Snugpak range are very good.
  14. You can turn it into a down bag by taking all the man-made material out and refilling it with feathers/down from old pillows (obviously make sure that they're down pillows). The result is much lighter and warmer than artificially filled bags and cheaper than store bought down bags.