Whats the best Jolly the Army has ever sent you on?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Magician, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Sent to New York for Two Weeks all expenses paid and $25 a day to boot just for standing at an Exhibition in Tunic and Bearskin for a couple of hours..Brilliant
  2. Trips to lots of various places with lots of whisky thrown in. Yep...Pipe band ;)
  3. 4 Months in Zagreb, not really a jolly, but may as well have been...great times
  4. Probably Afghanistan. We got to kill Pakis (mostly male unfortunately but it did stop their tainted bloodline), destroy their houses and we actually got paid shedloads and got a nice shiny medal to go with our other chestfuls which we now use to taunt the TA and cold-war, NDM-wanting bellends.
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  5. CP exercises at HQ AFSOUTH in Naples back in the eighties. £84 per day LOA - stayed in hotels and with pretty much office hours I spent most nights eating in nice restaurants and getting pi**ed.

    Oh yes, meeting up with the RN detachment of Wrens and going out clubbing!


  6. Adventure training in the Mosel valley checking out the vineyards ... ... ... and the wine :biggrin:

    ... and another - 3 weeks skiing in Switzerland in the 70's at cost each DM60.
  7. I did a 3 month attachment to HQ NAVSOUTH in Naples in early nineties, similar experience to your good self. Also, I was on attachment from rather nice 2 year tour stationed in Ramstein Airbase!
  8. Sent to Fort Hood to check out how a captured Egyptian/Russian Jammer faired against VRC353/354, fcuk, you could fit SLTA inside the Top Five Graders Club, what a jolly !
  9. Was sent from Mrkonjic Grad to Zagreb with another lad to 'identify a hotel suitable for op stand-down weekends'. Christ knows why they chose irresponsible me and a sexy-pest Lance Jack, but needless to say we spent more-or-less the whole time on the piss before collecting a handful of brochures and the promise of a group discount from some random flea-pit. Winner.
  10. Six weeks in the US, road trip along the 49th parallel and then 4 weeks skiing in Crystal Mountain resort followed by another week drive down the west coast and across the bottom bit.

    Saw all the "must see" touristy bits and all for the grand price of £0.
  11. Three week SEATO Excercise with The Golden Arrow Troop in Bangkok. Sent to boost their 4 way shift system, which effectively meant two and a half days off in every four as we always slept on night shift. There was so much spare capacity that any faulty equipment was left to the day workers.
    Accomodation was in the White Horse Hotel which allocated the troop it's own bar, where I was introduced to Stella. Happy days.
  12. Exercise Trumpet Dance by any chance?
  13. It's a hard question. There have been quite a few decent "jollies".

    Escort/liaison officer at an international arms fair was one such, as was two weeks attached to HQ Gibraltar to look over and rewrite the standing orders for nuclear weapons inspections. Various trips to Canada have been brill, but the best of them all was 7 weeks in charge of the range team at Wainwright. The work was brilliant, and we all got the standard R&R and AT packages too.

    It is interesting to note that two of the jollies, including the best one, I have referred to took place when I was a STAB having left the Regular Army!
  14. 2 years MVEE early 80's
  15. Have to admit I never knew what it was called.

    This was back in the very very distant past when dinosaurs walked the earth and there was only one flavour of coke, 1977 to be precise (Fuck I really am really old!)