whats the best headbutt you have ever seen ?


The best headbutt I ever saw was an "own goal". There were a bunch of us sitting around a pinic table, talking crap during a range shoot. The guy oposite me had his rifle butt resting on the bench beside him with the muzzle pointing straight up in the air. My mate was standing behind and slightly to one side of him, when he bent over, (to do up his boot laces we found out later) and caught the flash supressor right between the eyes at the top of his nose. He went out like a light with blood pissing out his nose and had two black eyes for weeks after.
Picture this 8) Westminter Barracks Minden 1968, 2230 curfew gates were closed, 2 sweaty socks on their way backinto camp pissed as parrots!! heated discussion takes place, decision made to Ram the castiron gates,Big Jock Andy takes little jock Robby under his arm and proceeds to charge the gate using robbies head as a battering ram :lol: As a responsible guard commanderI called out the guard and the fire piquet to watch the show!after andies 3rd attempt we took pity on robbie , sent him to Clifton MI room to get stitched up, next morning robbie with 47 stitches in his bonce was searching high and low for the guy that had nutted him :p


I recall watching a clip that was sent around a while back of British troops in the Middle East arrest a few locals who were throwing rocks inside their compound.

They bring about 4 or 5 blokes inside, shut the gates, and before anyone can wonder whats going to happen, one of the troops (in full body armour, inc. helmet) gives one of these pricks the hardest Glasgow kiss I've ever seen (and my old mans family are from Govan), right on the bridge of the helmet :twisted:

This is, of course, the preamble to an almighty shoeing by the Brits, but I've never forgotten that headbutt. Remind me to never piss of a British soldier with his helmet on :p


my wee baby brother now a colour in 4 scots. Came home on leave one week with two cuts in his forehead I asked him what happened and this is how it went;

Well I was out with some of the lads on the Dalkeith rd having a few bevvies. I decided to sack it early, for an early start etc. any way I walk out of this pub and as I get about 20 foot out and I was a little bit wobbly on my legs, this shadow detatched itself from the wall of the pub local ned jumps me from behind. As he hits I hipped rolled him and next thing he knows he's lying flat on his back, with me straddled across his chest. At this point I stick the nut on him with eveything I've got. When I stand up theres blood all over the place and my "heeds" a bit sore so I put my hand up and find the guys two front teeth stuck in my fore head, I picks them out and throws them back at him with the comment "aye, an ye can have these fckers back n'all".

He's always been a bugger for the headbutt since we were kids, if he was to close to swing a fist he just nutts them, it been developed into an art form with him.


War Hero
for those of you who have been there: the offence took place in Black and Whites in Paderborn.

for those of you who have not, this place is a f*ckin dive

i went in there pissed as a fart with a few pals and then woke up in my bed the next day with a sore forehead. my mate managed to catch it on camera but (i am usually more placid than a hindu cow) i went about nutting some poor bloke at the bar several times until he dropped then i laughed and walked out.

must have been the food..

can i upload a video to this? if so then i will post it as soon as i get back to Germany.