Whats the best GPS for an Infantryman?

Interested to hear the views of those already in possession of a GPS. I want something that does everything for as little money as possible(!). I want to use it for work, for not getting lost when Mrs V-R is navigating in the car and for mountaineering / walking?

Is an e Trex Personal Naviagtor up to the job?


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I have had one of these for a while. Its very good, but one more thing to find in your chest pocket/get the lanyard tangled with your compass/whistle/etc. in a hurry. So I just bought one of these from ebay for £60 incl postage. I've heard ok things about them, and you always have immediate acess to it.

One bit of advice though, when you get one, protect the screen in some way (fablon/case) - my vista screen is now quite scratched and difficult to read in a hurry.


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There's loads on this in the QM thread.
I've got a seven year old Garmin 12... it is a little bit bulky but picks up the signal very quickly and since I only use it to check the position I'm in the office at the moment has proved to be very efficient.

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