Whats the best file sharing App.?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by counterstrike, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Hello folks, I'm looking for a file sharing app. that is free from any adware, spyware and general shitware.

    Preferably free and preferably a popular one with lots of users.

    I've used morpheus for years but lately it doesn't seem to find much of interest.

    I'm mainly interested in E-books and the odd bit of music.

    Any strong contenders???
  2. Torrent if you want peer to peer exchanges. I use uTorrent as the download mechanism but there are tons around and torrent is the new(ish) sharing method and its safe too.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    *cough* allegedly *cough*

    Also, whatever you do, after getting utorrent, do NOT *cough* visit www.isohunt.com *cough* and search for whatever you want.

    *massive coughing fit*
  4. Ive 'heard' that for music it has to be limewire.
    However ive not used it myself obviously
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I've "heard" that limewire is utterly tonk. In fact i know it is. Virus riddled, and you have no idea that the file you download will actually be the one you want.

    With this "supposed" torrent thingy, whatever it may be, you can even view comments from people seeding / leeching the torrents, so you know if it is a good file or not - the bad ones drop off the system very quickly. *cough*. isohunt and torrentreactor *cough* will pretty much cover what you need. If they don't have it, it's either very obscure, or not worth having.
  6. Fugly, (and others) thanks for the tips.

    Have you checked out ?

  7. Really?
    From what erm my mate said, hes never had any dramas with it, however I will bow to you superior knowledge, you have obviously 'read' more than me
  8. Whatever you do, don't go to Mininova :wink: , avoid Mininova AXXO :wink: .

    Seriously, stay away from pox and virus ridden limewire, donkey, kazzah, and all the other crappy P2Ps, except of course Win MX, which is running again, however blocked by the ISPs (brilliant program, never any problems with it).
    Torrent is the way to go, and remember, stay away from mininova :wink: .
  9. Having used BitTorrent for a number of years i moved to Newsgroups.

    Although not free, I find Newsgroups far better than torrents

    A combination of :

    1) a usenet search site e.g. Newzbin (cost has just gone upto 30p a week)

    2) Some software for the actual downloading e.g.Newsleecher


    3) Access to a hosting server e.g. Newshosting

    Additional software which will help

  10. And if you want to be really clever

    Use NZBTV to schedule a check of the searchsite for the TV programs you want and link it with the other applications to download, check & extract
  11. Rapidshare if you want to pay for it... (uses http = not throttled by most ISPs)

    Get an invite to a private torrent site if you don't - Very fast speeds, very very very good quality releases (scene standard) and no fakes/viruses/gay porn etc.

    Ofc you should only take my advice to file share files that you have the right to do so, such as indie music groups releases etc.
  12. I have utorrent which I don't use because it illegal :oops: ,but if I was going to d/l torrents this is the best prog to do it with by far! also I have Limewire PRO which may have been a torrent d/l and I use this for the odd hard to find audio track just make sure you have a decent AV prog which is updated daily and you should have no probs!

    AVG free

    not utorrent
  13. Surely utorrent itself is not illegal, The same as Azureus, BitTornado, BitComet etc are not illegal (cant remember sites, Google them :D ).

    I have been using BitComet for sometime but purely for perfectly legitimate file sharing activities ... honest guvnor! And I most certainly have never been anywhere near any sites like Mininova, Meganova, Isohunt, torrentreactor.net, piratebay.org and I definately have never heard of AXXO or ever seen any of his torrents!
  14. If I were to fileshare, which I don't, it would mostly be music.

    And if I did, I'd use Limewire. It would probably rarely fail me, as it's easy to tell between the fake files and real ones (the first is much tinier) and I'd probably have no problem finding what I was looking for unless it was really obscure.

    But I have a Mac, which has thus far managed to avoid the same type of infections that The Other Kind have come down with.
  15. Peer Guardian

    If your using a P2P network then definitely have this running aswell. It blocks all connections to IP addresses from a database of government organisations, spyware servers, virus servers and the best part, companies that track down P2P users and gives your details to the MPAA/RIAA. Handy if you wear a tinfoil skull cap and want to be 99% off the radar.