Whats the best bit of kit you ever came across

There are one or two. But on a freezing night, when you wanted something hot to drink and eat, Ive been saved more than once by the famous BV (Boiling Vessel)
Kerosene heater toast, or Wolfgang, not physically came over any of them, but nice to have on a cold night in Soltau. Does Baileys count?
They say that the RAF have everything and they do......Last year they were erected one of those large temporary hangers using a tirfor jack, but this tirfor jack came with a hydaulic pump that did all the back and forward pumping that every B3 Sapper knows so well.

I was so impressed I asked for (and still have somewhere), the NSN for it!!!


Detonator said:
Cant beat a BV.
Correct answer, however the failing could be if you are one of those silly people that walks everywhere.
I'll avoid turning this into another weapons discussion thread in which case:

Stretch goretex socks.

(For those silly people who walk everywhere!)

Seriously, remember the first time after "1950s Conscript" scale CTRs/NavExs etc that you get given them? And suddenly everything's easy? Them, anyway.
no doubt, GPS, having navigated through the Kuwaiti desert without one, and the map resembled a bit of sandpaper with "shifting sand" written on it then it was anybody's bloody guess where we were, then we got a GPS, big as a breeze block and an antenna that was bigger than my etrex is now but it was a true miracle of modern science, i don't know where i'd be without one, literally!


One way ticket home fron NI and the med discharge papers for my red book!
SMG with the working parts removed.

Sorry, that's in, not over isn't it?

Otherwise Generator (any kind). I've spent far too long setting fire to other types of lighting kit.....

In warm places, a shower (any kind - except golden).
Signing Off Papers.

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