Whats the BEST and WORST about being in the REME?

Discussion in 'REME' started by biffchit, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Best: There is always something different to do and we get to move around a lot.

    Worst: We keep finding a new wheel to invent and fixing things that aint broke. DEME(A) :evil:
  2. Best is being in a Corps of "can do" people and ALWAYS pulling it off despite no men/spares/tools/time/training etc.
    Worst is having to to put up wuth some of the fcukwits we have as DE Officers who genuinely believe they know better than experienced tradesmen about engineering matters just because they studied at school for a zillion years and have an engineering degree!
  3. BEST: Working with the REME soldier. Hard working, keen and (nearly) always happy.

    WORST: Working hard while a bunch of ungrateful t*ats at DEME(A) - including the Corps ASM - seem to forget what REME does best. Fix broke stuff at 1st line and do our share with regard to guards, duties etc.

    Little rant there - sorry. :)
  4. Best:

    Being the same Corps as Nige :lol:


    See above :cry:

    500 posts! Woohoo!!!!!
  5. So - nothing has changed since I was in then :roll:
  6. BEST Being the wearer of the best cap badge, in the best Army in the world. Feeling the pride when stories of our blokes doing good despite having almost against them make the headlines.

    WORST Having to account for every penny in all areas, right down the smallest widget. Being expected to provide the usual first class service to all and sundry when robbed of all assets and committed to the hilt.............. but still I smile, grit my teeth and get on with the job!

    Long live the Corps.
  7. BEST: That feeling of pride when talking to serving/ex soldiers who remember the REME before "Re-buggering"!

    WOSRT: That feeling of embarrassment talking to anyone who knows the REME since re-balancing.

    "Because we're short of troops, lets move them from first line, and stick them in a big pot at second line. Then when 1st line need work doing 'cos they have no troops, we can "hose-pipe" the troops from 2nd line into 1st line!
    We will still end up with our troops at 1st line, but under my control hahahahahaha (Evil laugh!)
  8. Every best/worst comment above has it's merits and none IMO could be disputed.


    Best: getting to a bit of kit that is "fecked" , getting stuck in and fixing it then seeing it drive off "gun-front" and back in the battle

    Worst: hmmm, could start a proper rant here but heirarchy interference would some it up. Oh and "not having an identity" as such when attached to other arms. We are there to support them, yet we wear their isignia, play by their rules and jump to their tune. Working extended hours while supported arm is off on sport or downtown, because kit is VOR, man hours are high and PT has to be done 3 times a week on top of attending "important" "scale a" parades.

    I wouldn't want be be starting out on this experience again, but I wouldn't change it either.
  9. Best: The Socal life.

    Worst: Working all friday afternoon to fix a truckwhile the Regt have knocked off, to see it still on the park on Monday morning. (and gettin your hands dirty)

    28 Engineers Wksp take note!!!!
  10. The Best. Scratch teams dragged of the shop-floor at the last minute beating the parent regiment at whatever intra-unit competition it can think of.

    The worst: The regiment coming back off PDT on Monday and then not reporting faults till Thursday on kit that has to go on the boat next Monday. This really happened at my place.
  11. BEST: rocking up on exercise in your 434/fitter truck and squareing a knackered wagon away using one of those tricks you learn that look cool as f##k (like flashimg the solenoid on 8tonners ect), then rocking off into the ulu with a tab on the go.

    WORST: being treated like a grunt when attached because the boss is a yes man with no spine.
  12. BEST: The sense of satisfaction that after a tiffy book, tiffy maths as a Cfn, JMC as a Cfn, outstanding student on Class 1, numerous lecturettes, current affairs essays, leadership training days, organising functions, Comd ES grilling whilst on tour (comprising a run, essay and an hour long interrogation) and 8-years man service, I finally got a crack at the then 4-day PAAB.

    WORST: Watching REME erode the system to the point that some nugget with no motivation or interest in the REME, let alone tiffy, gets spoon fed a 1-day PAAB at the end of Class 1.
  13. with you there mate, im in the same boat. what was the point of all those essays we had to do and all that time put in?.
  14. Isn't that exactly the point of the 1 day PAAB? What was the point in doing all those essays? If you are that good perhaps you should be able to give the new system the benefit of the doubt. If it does prove to be unsuccessful then at least you (and I) can say that 4 days was better.
  15. BEST: Your mates, downtime & sport

    WORST: Being stuck at a desk when you really want to be back with the troops.