Whats the Bat cave?

It's also where we quarantine threads if there is something in it we want to have a closer look at off-line without deleting it. It gives us the opportunity to put the thread back up if it is ok.
V uncool. Lots of discussion about things like what board software to use (Good RO1 is trying to migrate the software off YABB onto something else and playing with LINUX and all kinds of nutse), software bugs, and problems people report with profiles that don't work and threads that stop working, all that sort of stuff. Even we don't find it interesting most of the time, just useful to know  :-/


Rumour has it  this was seen entering the bat cave



War Hero
We do a lot of work for charity in there.  

But of course we would play it down.... ::)
Dzer - how did you catch wind of it anyway? I believe I had heard of it, but wouldn't have remembered it. (should I be paying more attention?)
Ps I like to question authority and when I was told I wasnt allowed access it I wanted to know why.

Because you have to wear Lycra to get in.