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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by down_under, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Dullard question number one. What is the attraction with ex Brit Squaddies wanting to join the "colonial"Army? Is it the weather, the beautiful long beaches, or the fact that we don't kick you out when you reach the point in your career when you are squared away and have so much more to offer to the up and coming. Would love your opinions. I have heaps of mates over here who have made the transition and the experience they have is worth bottling. Seems a shame to kick someone out due to having done 22 years. :thumright:
  2. OK, I'll have a go at answering.

    1. The beaches, the sun, the women and Neighbours.

    2. I think the 22 year engagement goes back decades to when most people were broken by the time they were in their 40s - and life in general was a lot more physical and rugged then as well.

    However, the Army has kept the 22 year engagement going because it suits the Army. It can still keep some people on beyond the 22 year point (if it wants to) and, more importantly, it constantly pulls through (that is, trains) people to replace them.

    I know that quite a few people are keen on the extended service being offered to some trades - AGC in particular. But I have a few friends in the RAF (I should use the past tense as the last redundancy package seemed to catch most of them!) who held a junior rank when, in the Army, they would have been seniors (both by experience and time served).

    Will soldiers be happy as a 30 year old AGC LCpl? Sgt at 40 and then, maybe, WO2 at 50? I wouldn't be but I know some will be!

  3. I think the somewhat reduced pace of life and opportunities in the land down under attract a goodly number of folks..

    I certainly wouldn't sniff at it in a couple of years time.
  4. 2 years left then im seriously thinking of joining the aussie army, got my application paperwork sat here on my desk just tempting me to fill it in.
    Lifestyle better, treated better, pay not comparable, but with the pension not too bad, respected and a government that actually looks after its troops/populace as opposed to using it as a cash cow to fund loony ideas, £9Bn for a few weeks of sports, big white dome for a year, NHS on the scrap heap, too many taxes!! better stop there or my head will explode. :x
  5. Is it not down to transferrable skills? As a Sgt-WO, unless you have a trade your will find it difficult to transfer your quals. Also you dont have the network of contacts outside which is the common way to get work.

    Along comes Ozzy MOD, offering tranfer and recognition of courses and experience which UK Civ St cant and it is a tempting offer. Another issue is possibly housing in the UK which a lot of Seniors havn't got.