Whats St Georges Barracks, North Luffenham, Rutland

It is in a fantastic area. Both Stanford and Oakham are really nice places. It's pretty much on the banks of Rutland Water so lots of scope to go get wet. Just off the A1 so handy for getting out and about. Not served there for many a year, so can't comment on what it's like inside the wire these days. Fox and Hound, Horse and panniers and the Wheatsheaf are all within staggering distance.
Yeah but you don't get much street cred by saying you've been drinking in Edith Weston!
You could do worse things in Edie Weedie! My bestie mate's parents used to run the Wheatsheaf :D
It's got a nice golf course which used to be owned by the RAF but is now outside the wire. The presence of mean and ugly hippocrocagorillapigs must also be a recent addition, I seem to remember rather fetching and horny WRAF language students amogst others.
Army used to hold fly-fishing chamionships at Rutlan Water. Used to travel from BAOR and stay in the mess there when it was Crab-owned.Still a bit of a dump, though.
It is a shabby hastily constructed pre war airfield with similarly shabby accn. Some strange cloud puncher types there at the moment and in recent years the golf course has become a bit shabby too.
FACT : N Luffenham used to be where the crabs did part of thier basic training, the "MFT" (Military Field Training) phase.
FACT : It is a shithole.
Sorry MV the hippocrocagorillapigs used to haunt the place when I was there in the 70s. They were called the Corby Commandos and used to turn up for the bops. The only saving virtue of North Luffenham was the fact that the pubs used to stay open longer than in the other counties, and if you played your cards wrong you would get locked inside the pub after closing hours. Terrible.
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