Whats special about these regiments?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by HiHoJo, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Basically I have chosen three regiments that I am going to look round, and I have my reasons for why I am interested in each. These regiments are; The Grenadier Guards, The Para's and The Royal Ghurka Rifles.

    Talking about this with people is always touchy; everyone has their own opinion of each regiment. However, I rarely get the chance to speak to any officers about them (hence the post!) I was therefore wandering if someone could break down the pros and cons of any of the regiments (preferably if you've had experience with them, as opposed to hearsay!) as it’s so difficult to wade through the info in the brochures, because there’s never anything wrong with any of them!

    Many thanks,

  2. One Drills about, one falls about and the other creeps about
  3. If you have to ask, then you don`t appear to be able!
  4. I'm confused which is which after that :? :lol: :lol:
  5. To be fair to someone who's completely new to the game, he has to start asking somewhere. Indeed showing interest in his potential regiments is a good thing, it's just that ARRSE is perhaps not the best place to start.
  6. noted, but it doesn't really answer the question now does it! :?
  7. Jo,
    Perhaps if you could explain the reason you're interested in each, other posters could give their opinions as to whether these reasons are valid.

    If you've decided you definitely want to go infantry that's fine, but remember that RMAS will want you to have had a good look at the Army before you start, so make sure you get yourself on visits to some of the corps as well.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Exactly, it's the whole point of this forum.

    There are no easy answers to questions like this. Each of the three regiments mentioned has a very different atmosphere, although they all do a similar job as light role infantry. The Grenadiers are a very traditional regiment with a strong emphasis on ceremonial in addition to infantry skills; the Parachute Regiment see themselves - with some justification - as a highly motivated, aggressive elite; the Gurkhas have their own unique atmosphere which comes from their traditions and the fact that their soldiers are all Nepalese. None is better or worse than the others, in the sense that an orange isn't better than a lemon, just different. If you are interested in commissioning into these regiments, the answer is to go and see them, and discover which of them you like the most.
  9. o.k sure!

    Well I’m a naturally competitive person, fiercely so. I never do anything without doing my absolute best at it and I like to be the best at what I do. The reason I wanted to join the infantry is that it provides me with what I want to get out of the army; a good taste of combat, a chance to keep my fitness and lifestyle up , the chance to do some hands on leadership and the chance to be part of a strongly united group.

    I liked the look of the paras firstly because my godfather was one I have always admired him. Secondly because, certainly from an outsiders point of view, they carry a certain sense of elitism that would really inspire me.

    The Ghurkhas were different; when I met them I felt they were excellent soldiers and really interesting people. I also felt they had a unique bond with their officers that I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

    The gren. Guards came to my attention after reading Patrick Hennesseys book “the junior officers reading club” and I was informed that they were very social, professional and were a very strong unit.

    So there are my reasons for interest really!

  10. You just answered your own question
  11. Have you applied yet? If so your ACA will be too happy to arrange an interview. Or, you could go the the army website, look the regiments up, and find the contact details. Then a strategically placed letter to the relevant adress would be a start. Or maybe I'm just crazy.
    Good luck
  12. As has already been suggested go see these regiments for yourself. Furthermore you say the Grenadier Guards came to your attention after reading about them. These are all high profile regiments so there'll be plenty of literature on them out there.
  13. Watch Sharpe, join the Rifles.
  14. During my service in the 70's to be a guards officer you had to be seriously stashed. I remember a rupert telling me his mess bill was more than his Monthly wage
  15. Speak to your ACA, arrange Fam visits get some literature on the Regiments, there's plenty going round("The junior officers reading club" is a great read).
    I ended up accepting a sponsorship from a Regiment I knew very little about but after going on a fam visit with them I decided to go with them, but I'm still going to visit other regiments and corps just to get a broad view of the army as a whole.
    Best of luck with your applications and visits.