whats really involved?


hi all, just joined this forum as it seemed like a good idea, the right place to have the urine took!
anyway, im in the process of getting fit enough to join up. its someting ive wanted to do for a while and now they just raised the age limit, its a possibility. im 27 at the min, and have given myself 2 years to get fit enough to join, as i am currently a big fat barsteward and need to lose 35kg to get in on the bmi scale!
im using the gym at least every other day, if not more, sticking to cv stuff, mostly bike and crosss trainer for now. i do some light weights too.
what i want to know though, is how hard is selection and basic training really? whats involved physically? the recruiting sergeant gave me a rough idea and ive heard lots of different variations but what do i really have to do?
hopefully im planning to join the RAMC as a combat med tech, but i guess that will depend on whats available, or how much i believe the bullshit they tell me!
also any advice to help me lose weight apart from eat lessadn work more would be helpful, what are the best types of exercise to strip weight with out building heavy muscle.
also i wear glasses, will that affect me joining?
sorry its a bit long but now you know a little about me and what i want.
cheers in advance.

LCFC for life!!