whats really involved?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by dansrockin, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. hi all, just joined this forum as it seemed like a good idea, the right place to have the piss took!
    anyway, im in the process of getting fit enough to join up. its someting ive wanted to do for a while and now they just raised the age limit, its a possibility. im 27 at the min, and have given myself 2 years to get fit enough to join, as i am currently a big fat barsteward and need to lose 35kg to get in on the bmi scale!
    im using the gym at least every other day, if not more, sticking to cv stuff, mostly bike and crosss trainer for now. i do some light weights too.
    what i want to know though, is how hard is selection and basic training really? whats involved physically? the recruiting sergeant gave me a rough idea and ive heard lots of different variations but what do i really have to do?
    hopefully im planning to join the RAMC as a combat med tech, but i guess that will depend on whats available, or how much i believe the bullshit they tell me!
    sorry its a bit long but now you know a little about me and what i want.
    cheers in advance.

    LCFC for life!!
  2. hi dan i selection is relativly easy all you have to do, is complete the 1.5 mile run without walking basically and obviously under 14 mins but my nan could walk it in under that lol and basic strengh tests like the jerry can lift which envolves carrying two 20kg jerry cans over a set distance 150 metres i think it was, and thats about it for selection aslong as you pass the medical, dont know about basic training yet i start my basic training on sunday... keep up with the gym work and your do fine, good luck and all !!!
  3. cheers mate, thats pretty much what i had been told.
    any idea on eyesight tests? i wear glasses at the min, will that fail a medical?
    good luck on basic training.
  4. you have to read of the letterboard with one eye coverd and then the other covered, then you have the colourblindness test which is to read the numbers out of a book with different colours surrounding it, i think if you wear glasses, you are told to stop wearing them 24 hours before selection and not to wear them during your time at selection (i think not 100%)
  5. Good luck dansrockin, I have a lot respect for you. I know this doesn't mean much from someone 10 years your junior, but losing a lot of weight is proably a difficult thing to do. Run, run, run as often as you can, well that's what my P.E. teacher used to say was the best way to lose weight. I am doing the opposite at the moment, trying to turn from a 17 year old 10 stone piece of piss boy into a strong bloke. It's not that difficult though because I work on farm and have to carry things around all day. What does your job involve. Anyway if you can, shut the computer down and get jogging. Good luck, Stu.
  6. majik_stu, thanks, it does mean something no matter how old you are. it is extremely hard to lose a lot of weight, ive been carrying it since i was at school so its a big change! but it is something i have wanted to do for a long time and im going to work damn hard to do it.
    i run a little, well more jog, and use quite a lot of cv kit at the gym. i know running is good for weight loss, it just knackers me out after about 10 mins so im doing more bike and xtrainer work.
    keep working mate, it will go on to you a lot easier than it will come off me!
  7. Fair play to you mate. I'm 26 and in the middle of my application at the moment and am also trying to get into better shape. You are right to start on the bike initially until you lose some weight then like the lads say get running. You may also think about working out some sort of wights programme. It will greatly help the weight loss and also provide toning that the running might not. Good luck.
  8. cheers mate. i use a few weights but not too much as i dont want the danegr of putting on weight in muscle when i have so much to lose.
    i tend to do some light stuff and med ball work mainly.
  9. Try taking up a martial art or boxing if you've never done it before.

    Thats how i started out training, its an alternative to doing the same boring gym machine stuff all the time and will probaly keep you more motivated to your weight loss because you'l be learning something while keeping fit.

    It can be off putting to start with if you dont know any techniques and you'l feel like plank but you'l find people dont care because we've all been there.
  10. used to do tae kwon do for about 5 years, but i donet have the time now.i work various shifts so cant always get to the training sessions. must admit though, i enjoy the gym, i dont really get bored when im there. i know what your saying though, i did enjoy the martial arts when i did it.
  11. I do Taekwon-do. I'm going to have to stop soon though cause I'm going to the ITC.
  12. what grade are you at? i got to red belt and had to stop due to family commitments, and now just dont have the time.
    does anyone know if they do tkd in the army?
  13. Hey Dans, I'm in the same position as you, I went down to the Army Careers Center around 6months ago, and was told to lose 31+Kilos around 70+pounds. Which i went away thinking it was impossible, but I'm so determined to join the army i signed up for the gym and go 5days a week including swimming, so from like 21stone i'm now 16.4 stone [105kilos], so what my point is, You're most likely finding it really hard at the moment, but it certainly pays off, and hopefully you can get your dream of being in the army.

    I'm wanting to join the INFANTRY this year, down to my last stone before i'm within the BMI Scale.

    Keep us updated on your progress Dans, nice to know someone else in the same position.

    So enclosing, id recommend going Swimming everyday 7days a week, its the best exercise you can get, and very good on your joints, thats why i go swimming after i do a workout, to relax and its certainly helped. Hope it all works out.

    - Luke
  14. Well done for losing that weight ArmyLuke :thumright: Keep training hard mate and you'll be the right weight in no time

  15. Army Luke, good news on the weight loss.

    If you are accepted into the infantry remember the old adage of keeping your mouth shut and your ears open. Not to stop you getting tarred as a gobby git but to stop you piling lots of food down your neck you fat cnut.