whats pahse 2 training like?

Discussion in 'REME' started by lodgi, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. I'm planning of joining the army next year in either the sigs or the REME. I was just wondering what phase 2 training is like? I have a fairly good idea what phase 1 is like, as I did phase 1 royal marine training, and I can imagine its pretty similar.

    As phase 2 is learning the trade you're going to do, I'd imagine it's a bit more relaxed maybe? I can't imagine you being very usefull in the classroom (or wherever else you learn) if you've had 5 hours sleep?

    Do you still have inspections and everything?
  2. S.E.M.E. :-School of Electical Mechanical Engineering is the trade school for Mechanics, Recovery Mechanics, Metalsmiths and Armourers.

    S.E.A.E :- School of Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering is the trade for all your Techy Geek types.

    Now if you do end up at one of these Training Establishments dont be under the impression that you will be cutting round with your hands in your pockets and calling everyone mate.

    It is still a Training Establishment and although you will have completed a whole 14 weeks in the army you still need a little coaching in the military ethos. So yes there are still daily parades and inspections. Immaculate turn out of kit and a high level of personal fitness are the minimum expected. Yes you will be allowed to get a full nights sleep, trust me you"ll need it, but the emphasis is now on the transistion from raw recruit to red arse in The Field Army.

    This is designed not to mess anyone around but to ensure a proffesional "can do" attitude when arriving at a working unit. Most likely a unti that will be very busy either preparing for exercise in suppourt of troops training for Ops or preparing to go on Ops themselves.

    Enjoy your time during Phase I&II though is it is an excellent oppurtunity to make small mistakes, learn from them and become a better soldier for it.

    Oh and a word of advice...proof read before you post. First impressions are everything and a spelling mistake in your topic title doesnt look to good.

    (Waits for incoming on a glaring spelling mistake that I may have made)
  3. Yep, because the Marines and the REME are very similar...
  4. I would like to take this oppurtunity to suppourt this young man in his transistion to the most proffesional army in the world. Well done for the spellings. Oldagecrafty, corrections below.

    opportunity support transition professional
  5. Thats for the corrections HIOA always look forward to incresing my vocabluary and speling beter.
  6. Are you still serving, if not then:

    You have done your time. Well done :D
    You only did phase 1 then got binned. What for? :?

  7. Who cares? This isn't a witch hunt. The lad asked a question.
  8. if you dont phase 1 with the RM, do you need to do phase 1 again?
  9. I did phase 1 and left just before the final excercise of phase 1. I decided it wasn't for me. A few reasons really, 1. realised I didnt fancy getting blown up by IED's in afghan, 2. wanted to eventually get into a decent paid job which I didnt think the marines would set me up for, and 3. it was a bit too hard lol.

    To sarge_massage_my_passage:

    Yeah I realise the marines isn't the same as the REME, but I mean I have a fairly good idea of the sort of things you do in basic training. I understand the level of fitness and have a good idea of the sort of attitude you need to take with you.
  10. my bold, how do you think this would go down with reme? and you quit just before the final exercise of phase 1?
  11. Yeah I quit before the final excercise of phase 1. Whats the big deal? I didnt want to be a marine simple as. What difference would doing the final ex of phase 1 make?

    Also, I didnt mean any disrespect to any REME soldiers, as I know there have been REME soldiers killed in afghanistan, it's just I know they are not in as much danger as marines/infantry etc.