What's one of these then?

Seen this add on gumtree, is it a chipped box allowing access to netflix etc or just a bog standard media box that you download stuff onto?

NEW The latest in technology presents the Media Player,
everything installed for you, we will save you hours of your time all you have
to do is plug the devise in, the full specs are below. With the latest version
of XBMC FRODO 12.0 installed with the repos you will be able to sit back and
watch 1000's of movies and lists of sporting events at the touch of a button.
This item is just like the Apple TV at a snip of the price. These devises are
the ones everyone is talking about but the main thing is having the right
programs installed which we have done for you with automatic updates. We also
supply a step by step dummies guide on how to get your devise up and running to
its full potential without having to pull your hair out. We have spent hours of
our time in making sure we have all the correct software in your device to make
sure our customers are happy from the start. You are sure to be over the moon
with this item and will not need to look any further
Saw someone using a jailbroken Apple TV device; basically pirate heaven with access to loads of "channels" and zillions of films.
Not sure tbh, the advert alludes to what I saw, various channels hosted films, TV, football etc. Full HD available, even if the Apple one only does half. Basically pretty illegal but very user friendly. Think you'll have to google it mate!


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look up xbmc as there is a version you can run on windows or linux machines.

xbmc is xbox media console and is originally an xbox mod which can network to your other storage or shared drives to play content, play content on the xbox drive or straight off the internet.

I use tvcatchup when my freeview signal is buggered but they had advertising issues so the forum suggested installing xbmc and the tvcatchup plugin which gives you all the freeview channels on time plus a couple more and access to loads of other content.

there is even a version of ubuntu written around xbmc which is probably what is hard wired into the box as some had got it going on the rasperry pi to make a set top box which you could use to turn a monitor or tv into something more modern.


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