Whats on the Medal Ribbon?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Just curious...
  2. She needs to pull her tie up a bit. 8O
  3. She's wearing a ribbon? Really? Must check again
  4. I do like un - Dressed Crab

    I think you could do with NSFW adding to the title though
  5. So was the skirt in the act of coming off or on?
  6. Oh!!!!!!that ribbon,thought you meant the issue webbing, Cadet Forces and Jubilee looks like a VRT Sqn Ldr has sold off her old kit (and I know one who did wear something similar underneath) :)
  7. (sorry for the serious bit - I know it's the NAAFI) - Telic and QGJM - surely (if it was the CFM, it would go after the Jubilee).

    I do think that anybody trawling "grannygalls.net" needs to go and have so basic p0rn surfing instruction from Meridian!
  8. Ooops my misstake :oops:
  9. god damn it i can't see jack :(
  10. That I feel is a real image.What model would wear that jewellry (incl wedding ring)?..I would!!
  11. I have an aversion to plastic tits and shaved minges, and most porn models under 35 look like blow up dolls (the vinyl type, not the Muslim sort).

    I'm also on the down-hill side of 50... I've seen at least one ex on a granny site :D
  12. All looks a bit wrinkled to me>>> :?
  13. i walk my dog round that area, i am sure.
  14. the image pixellates at around x 400% magnification. Pity. I would.
  15. Sort that hair out!