Whats on the end of this AK?

Came across this picture purporting to be Spetsnaz in Chechnya on a Russian news site and wondered about the weapon.
The device on the end of the barrel looks like a moderator (silencer), but obviously wouldn't be much use unless they're using subsonic ammo and as I've yet to come across any weapon, apart from the SMG, that cycles reliably with subsomic ammo have the Russian's managed to crack that one?
It's a supressor. It slows down the gasses leaving the barrel, reducing (but not eliminating) the muzzel report, reducing muzzle flash and so making it more difficult to establish where the weapon was fired.

It's not a 'silencer' as the round fired from an AK travels too fast. Any round fired that travels over the speed of sound will make a 'crack' as it passes it's target or others and as such stops a weapon from being truly 'silenced'.
Went through the rest of the photo's and found this;

It is of utmost importance to support our soldiers, officers, generals who are fighting in Chechnya right now. Even though these pictures depict only a few of them; in reality there are 400 000 of them out there. More than 60 000 of those men are disabled.
Perhaps the Kremlin has been reading the mong threads in the Naafi, and decided to put Russia's mongs to good use...

Minefield clearance? Drawing fire? UXO disposal?


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