Whats Notts Like?

I know someone who's umming and ahring about joining Notts UOTC, can any one impart any info on it?
Umming and Aaahing about what? whether to join Notts OTC rather than a TA Unit, another Uni service unit (UAS or URNU), another OTC, or not at all?

Each OTC has a catchment area of uni's and if you are at an institution that forms part of that catchment area you only get the choice of that OTC. For example, if you live between Notts and B'ham and go to a uni that is afilliated to Notts OTC, then you have to go to Notts OTC, you can't choose between the two.
It really depends how much time you can put in. If you can put in loads of time then the TA is probably for you. If you do not have lots of time/ do not know what arm or service you wish to join then the OTC is probably best. This is especialy important if you have had no training at all, when the TA will kick you back to the OTC until you are at a soldier standard.
Only then will officer training start.



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East Midlands OTC is a pretty keen bunch of quasi - infanteers and has a good set of staff. Their training program is fairly well filled and they take great pride in thinking they are the mutts nuts. They have enough silverware to back this up as far as any OTC. They also seem to have all the kit they should be issued and a well stocked bar. A good bunch.
Listen to U_Q he has been there i know. Oh and U_Q it is nice to see your face round these parts once more. Hope you have not been up to much with poor young defenceless students, particulary of the law type. 8O
The 2 also cater for different things. He will get a better standard of training in a TA unit, though many OTC's are not too shoddy on that front depending on the PSIs. The OTCs suffer from a reputation of being a bunch of wasters having a laugh when in fact many Officer Cadets put in a lot of time with their own training and that of other TA units to achieve some comparitively high standards.

I would say that your mate can join the TA for smoe serious soldiering at any time, but he can only really enjoy the full benefits of an OTC as an undergrad and if he misses that opportunity it will be gone for good. Because the OTCs are a furtive recruiting ground he will get to see far more of the army than if he joins the TA, and he will get a lot of opportunities to do attachments as well as attend balls and functions that he wouldn't get into just from the TA. As Nite says, if you join the TA you do so as a soldier and you have to work your way to a commission. With an OTC if your mate passes MTQ2 (or whatever they are calling it these days) and a TA Commissions Board he can go straight to RMAS from OTC and join a unit from there. Alternatively he can leave the OTC and go straight to a TA unit as a proficient soldier if he decides against a commission.
Speaking of Notts OTC, did anyone see the ginger bloke on Time Commanders last week? Apparently he was ex-OTC. Possibly not the finest example of human perfection, but a bit better than the civvies they typically get on the programme.
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