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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Im_the_Mummy, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. My son has started the process with a view to going to Harrogate in September (he will be 16 end of this month). So far he has submitted his application form, done the BARB test (score 64), handed in the medical form to our doc and yesterday did the basic skills tests which he passed on both counts.

    What happens next? Does the 1st interview come before the trip to Glencorse or the other way round?

    Just trying to give him the best support by being prepared for the next stage!

    A :thumright:
  2. I am assuming from the overwhelming response :OP that there is no definitive answer to this question. Just in case you wondered, I have searched this site prior to asking using the search terms recruitment, application, enlisting and it's variables, Harrogate, college ad infinitum.

    So I will just have to wait and see if anyone can come back to me on this!

    A :frustrated:
  3. Not really sure on this one however if you rang your Army careers office they might help you out with Info, Just try not to sound either desperate to get rid of him or too clingy when you ring them.
  4. Check your PM's
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  6. Why are you repeating yourself? You have been given advice...speak to recruiting office.
  7. Sorry I seem to have repeated myself in error. Will speak to the recruiting office, didn't want to approach them however when there was this forum available and I don't want to appear too clingy or desperate to get rid of him!
  8. Before your son goes to Glencorse he will have to have his fitness assesed either on a nurturing day or on the army look at life course . The army careers will receive a report he will then have a formal interview with the senior recruiting officer for your local area he will then go to Glencorse. I have recently been through the process and i go to Glencorse on Monday.
  9. Thanks for that! It is difficult to find out from him and I am trying to respect his need to be an adult (16 soon!) but I need to know to make sure he has the right gear i.e. the smart clothes for interview etc and be prepared in case he needs to be transported any where as I work daytime.

    A :thumright:
  10. you sound like my mom lol! excuse the stupid question but what is glencorse?
  11. The application process takes 3 - 6 months to complete. To apply for soldier entry you start with an initial visit to the Army Careers Office. You will have a general chat with the recruiter, watch a few DVD's on potential career options and will be asked a few simple questions about yourself. If you like what you hear they will book a BARB test (Entrance Test). This is followed by a number of interviews and a 36 hour visit to a Army Development & Selection Centre (ADSC). At the ADSC you will have a full medical, fitness test and a final interview. If this all goes well you will be offered a place in the Army. Approximately 2 - 4 weeks after ADSC you will be enlisted into the Army and then report for basic training.
  12. Thanks for that, he is aiming for September intake at Harrogate so we'll just have to keep everything crossed. He is busy running and regularly lifts weights so he is relatively fit anyway.

    A :thumleft:
  13. For junior entry they will draw the process out a bit more so do not worry if it seems slow.
  14. Start watching trainspotting mate!
  15. You and your son should not worry :thumright: I'm actually going to Harrogate in september also and I've been to Glencorse so I've been accepted. If you need any info just PM me and I'll be happy to help.