Whats Next To Be Privatised?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by loggielad, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. I voted the Conservatives because I wanted to get rid of the appalling New Labour part and voted for Cameron who said he would be strong on crime, and look after HM Forces. That was two good reasons alone for me to try the Tories again. But do I regret it now?..I dont know. But I am worried about the cuts that seem too deep over such a short amount of time.And privatisation.
    Now the Tories privatised the water industry, BT, British Rail and introduced private prisons. Now this year we hear that Royal mail could be sold to 'ze Germans' and even talked of privatising Britains forrests.And of course cuts to the Forces.

    On a point about what Thatcher did to the miners back in 84/85, I was chatting a bloke who was a TUC union official and he said he went on the pickets with the minors to support them. He said that London coppers from the Met were drafted in for extra man power, and that they would taunt the minors by waving ten pound notes in their faces and saying how much money overtime they were on plus expenses, just to add infuriate the miners even more. I really would hope that this did not happen, but I see no reason why he would have lied about it.
  2. Repeat after me: There is no more money, Gordon spunked it all up the wall on bugger all and then then borrowed even more money to carry on doing it.

    We are broke.
  3. You actually believed a union official?!
  4. if you're against privatisation, you shouldn't vote for the tories.

    i think the Condems are doing the right thing in the long run though.
  5. I seem to recall something about unofficial T-shirts being made up with A.S.P.O.M - Arthur Skargill Pays Our Mortgages. I have a colleague who went up there from one of the county forces (some of whom were flown up by chartered airliners) and free admits he did very well out of it thank you very much, but lets be honest they weren't going to do it for free. It's fair to say that for many, a coppers lot was quite a happy and profitable one during the strikes All these demonstrations we're having now about cuts etc are great but the costs involved are absolutely crippling. It was no different back then and the money spent on both sides of the miners strikes could probably have paid off each miner for a healthy retirement but that defeats the point! It's the joys and cost of living in a democrocy.
  6. actually in this case i do, seen it with my own eyes especially in Barnsley.police taunting the strikers,

    But there again the miners put a lot of local business's in trouble/caused them to close, because they wanted everything for free, 1 case, father-in-law had a video rental shop, he offered video rentals @25p for striking miners(going rate a £1). wasn't good enough, so they black listed him, windows smashed, star of St.david painted on door with scab in nice red letters,no one was brave enough to use him any more so had to close, and that is just one there were plenty of others forced to shut.BTW FiL was an ex-miner having just retired previous year.
    Miners were not as angelic as some were led to believe during those strikes.
  7. Indeed we are. So broke, in fact, that Call Me Dave can spunk £650 Million in aid all over Pakistan.

    Now that's what I call expensive bukkake!
  8. CMD is following in the finest tradition of Gordon the ever invisible MP, willing to spend millions of quids of other peoples money for a 'legacy' and a photo op.

    If we had politicians with any integrity and spine, CMD would now be facing a vote of confidence for doing that, but integrity is a missing word in the vocabulary our our political classes.
  9. Still you could always recommend a Tesco value package
  10. Government. Think of all the money saved on politicians and elections.

    The CEO of Group 4 can be Home Secretary.
    The CEO of British Airways can be Foreign Secretary.
    The CEO of BAE can be Defence Secretary.
    et cetera ...
  11. I'm from Shirebrook, an area at the heart of the strike violence. I can assure you that the Plod that came in behaved appalllingly in some instances. The £10 note stories are true, as are the ASPOM T-Shirts. There was also ridiculous intimidation of the local populace in terms of restriction of movement, damage to private vehicles etc. The local Plod were left to pick up the pieces in terms of community relations afterwards while the Met, Hampshire, Essex Police etc buggered off down the M1 to buy their new Cortinas and Capris.

    What will the Tories privatise next? Anything not nailed down I suspect. MOD won't be immune, anything non combatant will be in line. I suspect call centres for HMRC, DWP etc will be prime targets too. Plenty of Local Authorities still do their own IT, I'm amazed they've got away for that for so long.
  12. Yup. And I believe the coppers that told me too.
  13. Aye. Gawd bless him and his own millions.
  14. The thing that bugs me about privatisation is that I have no faith that anything privatised will in fact run better/cheaper afterwards.

    I'm not saying that things arnt wastefull or badly run now. Quite often they are. I just have no faith in Central or local Government to effectively manage any 3rd parties contacted in. Witness BAe and Serco/Capita/CapGem I suspect it'll end, as per normal, with a worse service deilvered for more and the only people who profit are shareholders and a few ex-politicians/managers who end up with nicely paid directorships for doing sod all. Meanwhile Joe public gets a reduced service and Johny-worker gets minimum wage and all the experienced (ie more than minimum wage) staff get fired.
  15. I think there is very little to sell so that Tory tactic isn't going to work. Thatcher sold just about everything.