Whats next in the CoC?

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What is the next step in CoC for the ACF after the Commandant and how would I go about contacting them?

I have had an ongoing problem (almost 18 months now) which puts a rather nasty black mark against my name. With no avail trying to contact the commandant of a specific county Im lost for ideas. It is a shame that I have had to take it through this route and I am at the point where a solicitor may be required :-(

I realise there are members of this site who may recognise me and know of the problem Im talking about, If possible please do not discuss this issue on this forum.

Is it Brigade, RFCA? I need a a definitive answer so that I don't send letters to the wrong people and end up sending a solicitor steaming in the wrong direction for whats probably going to be a hefty price

Edited for bad spelling, English not my strongpoint
Do you have a Colonel Cadets in your BDE? Speak to the ACFA in London they are very helpful. Otherwise anybody in BDE higher than a colonel,that should put a cat amongst the pigeons
Cheers for that, Ill let you know if they are any help, Don't fancy speaking to a Brigadier yet.

Spoke to ACFA, Cat is amongst the pidgeons they have been more of a help within five minutes of speaking to them than anyone else.

There is a Colonel Cadets - but very good chums with the Commandant. Let me know what the result is from RFCA.
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