whats my legal rights

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Slyfox, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. been back onto jpac help desk again today to give them my bank details,they cant take them because im still down as ex mod employee,left 2004. even though
    i re enlisted on 2 of april and due in germany on 07/05/07 im not getting any pay this month.
    am i in my rights to not turn up at my unit and get a job on the agencies untill im paid ?,got a lot to pay out for as does everyone.and family to feed.
  2. Not within your rights as you have Re Enlisted you are under military law, therefore, you must go where you are told, on the Pay Issue, why not go and speak to your FSA and see if you can get an EPIC payment (Advance of Pay) whilst they try and sort out your Pay Issue with JPAC.
  3. tried that but the rao in deepcut just sent us away saying they cant do any advances of pay untill jpa is sorted and we are closed for the next week,not at all interested in anyones problems.even colour service section said they cant put me on the system yet untill trained to,what a cluster.
  4. Request an advance on a MOD Form 300 paid directly from the units GSA. This can be used in lieu of an EPIC. The unit can enter the EPIC when they are ready to do so. If you do get paid normally and the EPIC has not been run, you can pay back the unit by form of a cheque.

    If you have a problem with the RAO then take your case to the CO.
  5. my oc told me to do that,also turned away,co says he cant help nothing more he can do.he has been on to the rao staff but told the same.what about another unit could they help?
  6. Sly, this is rubbish and you are not being looked after properly. If your RAO is refusing to help you, simply call the SO2 SPS @ the local Bde HQ. He/She will explain to the RAO the errors of their ways and you will get funds!

    PS MOD 300 is now obsolete one should use JPA F016
  7. thanks paymaster,ill try that