What's life really like in the Infantry?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Zarathustra, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. One thing that this forum has a large amount of is posts from those who are either interested in or in the process of joining the Infantry. The answers to many of these questions can be found here : http://www.arrse.co.uk/infantry/63687-questions-about-joining-infantry.html

    One of the questions that regularly crops up is "What is life in Battalion like?". These questions receive a lot of answers, sadly in my experience most of the answers are wrong, normally because those answering the question are either out of date or (in most cases) have never served in the Infantry and just like to perpetuate the myth that we do nothing but barrack guards and play on our PS3s.

    Here is a outline of what a typical day in a Infantry Rifle Company may be like -

    0700 - 0800 - Breakfast
    0815 - 0930 - PT
    0930 - 1030 - Time to get washed changed and NAAFI break
    1030 - 1230 - Lessons
    1230 - 1330 - Lunch
    1330 - 1600 - Lessons/fatigues
    1630 - 1730 - Tea

    While we don't spend our days polishing nuts in the LAD or burning food in the kitchen we do generally manage to fill our days with something useful, though your definition of useful and that of the MOD/Army/Regiment/Battalion/Company/Platoon might differ slightly.

    After you've served in a Rifle Company for a few years and maybe got some operational experience you might decide that you want to branch out and try something new. But what? Fancy being a driver, signaller, IT specialist, storeman, assault pioneer or musician? Want to try something a bit more wary involving big guns, rockets, mortars or sneaking about?

    Well then, you're in luck you can do all these things within an Infantry Battalion. While these trades won't be the same as joining one of the Corps that specialise in these trades you'll have the opportunity to to get some military and civilian qualifications.
  2. Here is the start of the thread I mentioned in this thread. I'd like to get some feed back from you guys, anything you think I could add and anything you think I've got wrong or could do with improving. Once I've got what seems to be a finished article I plan to make it a sticky so people can find accurate and fairly up to date information easily without having to pick their way through some of the rubbish these threads attract.
  3. Clean weapons - kill people - clean weapons - post clips on youtube :)
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  4. That goes without saying, but normally don't get to kill too many people while in the UK.
  5. Shame as most of the terrorists are here.
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  6. dont forget the joys of early morning area cleaning

    the daily routine of trying to sneak another sausage past the chefs

    the black art of trying to exchange knackard kit for working kit from the worlds oldest lancejack

    and spending valuable drinking time being insulted by a sprog rupert outside the guardroom at 6,10 & if unlucky 12 for some minor infringement ( oh the joys of rippers)
  7. Well, I was going to keep those things quiet as everyone loves a surprise, the cats out of the bag now.
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  8. Taking a nice stroll all over Sennybridge training area, usually in the rain. Arriving at your accommodation at Celleni village to find no electric or running water. Then being unable to sleep as you have to stag on. When you eventually do get into your maggot, someone decides to call stand to :(
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  9. I really only have experience of my own battalion, but little things like:

    - Being expected to walk smartly and in-step around camp
    - Rather than lessons, it was common to get pinged for things like vehicle maintenance and area cleaning
  10. I've based it around what it was like when I was in a Rifle Company, we're light role and have very few vehicles and they would carry out lessons and general training most days, even when we're not on PDT.
  11. And stagging on...
  12. having to bump start the QRF landy when crashed out,

    furious masturbation when stagging on in the front gate sanger.

    the joy of finding toilet roll in the bogs and immeadiatly stealing it.
    etc etc etc

  13. Is it really furious? Or is it just really energetic 'cos it's the sixth one today?
  14. Well these points are all good, and I did want to end up with a post that would provide people with the relevant information without sticking to the MOD line and actually let people know what the reality is.

    Is my unit really really that different to most other because we don't revolve around barrack guards and playing PS3s?
  15. I thought your lot guarded Palaces not barracks?