Whats life like in the barracks?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by LHR Atomiic 6, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. What is life like in the barracks?

    what can you do in your spare time in or out of the barracks?

    How many people to a room?

    Is the wireless internet access in the dorm?

    Also, what hobbies are avialable with the army?

    If you could answer these simple questions I would really apreatiate it. Thanks.
  2. This is the only question my recruiter didn't go into much detail in. Thats why I asked you guys. But i didn't sign up on a website just to get frowned upon.

    Thank you any for your time.
  3. My experience, albeit very limited to several courses for the ACF and UKBA at a few UK establishments, should not be taken as any kind of authority, but my observations are as follows..

    Dull. Non-existent. Would be words I'd use. However, I would usually be absorbed by coursework or simply avoiding the other tools/pissheads and bores on my course.
    Drinking and fighting seem popular. Although there seems to be less fighting these days.
    From 1 to 32. Great if you are on your own. Not so great if there are 32 of you and one has the norovirus or a nasty cold (both have happened to me)

    Yes. And no. At Blandford, the Army's school of signals, I couldn't get on the wi-fi? Or much of a signal on an orange dongle either.

    Did I mention the drinking and fighting?
  4. I was only being respectful, and yes you are right, it is a stupid question.

    anyways, What are your personal experiences on Basic Training and do have any good advise? :)
  5. Sounds like fun :p
  6. See my full edited reply. But seriously, all of this shit you could experience in your own home town. Life, is of course, what YOU make it.

    Don't be put off by my droll responses.
  7. Thank you for the advise.
  8. You forgot the "trying to sh*g anything with a pulse" hobby!
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  9. I thought that only happens when the Naafi/XL bar runs out of booze early.

    Although on one phase 2 establishment I did witness what looked like a knee trembler behind the bins of one block, but the gentleman in me dictated that I move along.
  10. Hobby? I thought that was a way of life?
  11. LHRA6 managed three errors in 56 words. Not bad going these days.

    On the other hand,

    53 (ish) words. Hello Kettle, this is Pot, over.

    This is a serious part of the site. If you can't be helpful, there are playgrounds elsewhere. And let's have less of the "only a STAB". STABs don't do "only", that's a Regular prerogative.
  12. Spare time varies dependent on numerous factors, unit, role, etc etc but mainly do what u want as long as u stayed out of trouble

    Sprog/crow should expect on average (camp accn variation) 4 man + rooms

    Unless your is a relevantly newly z type or camp has it installed widespread some camps have wireless but don't expect great results,

    Hobbies are what 'you' make of it
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Stay out unless you have something constructive to add.
  14. I've been out of the Army for xx years but my guess is that no-one on here can give you a definitive answer as those are pretty generic questions. During my time in I was at 3 different barracks (not counting transit/course accommodation) and life was very different at each. Could even go so far as at one barracks, life changed simply by moving from one block to another. Say which corps/regiment you are planning on entering and someone from that corps/regiment will be able to give you a better idea. Hobbies and spare time are down to you.
  15. No one has mentioned watching hours of porn.

    In barracks routine comprises:

    Watching porn.
    Scoff (eating)
    Watching more porn.
    Do some ironing.
    Watch more porn.
    Have shower.
    watch porn.
    Prepare to move to the nearest town to check out the totty - not that you'll be of any use as you will have thrapped yourself severely watching the aforementioned porn.
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