Whats it really like it the Army? Seriously

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jonny5isalive, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Having asked many questions on the Online Careers Office on the main Army site, I still only get one word answers.

    I'm not sure which trade I should choose. I have 9 GCSE's at C or above and got a good score on the BARB test. What about the Ammo Tech trade or REME? Are they good trades to pick?
  2. Aircraft Tech is well paid, also gives you a trade when the grim reality of being under appreciated kicks in!

    As for what the armys like... it's like being on holiday with a group of Germans!
  3. I thought that aircraft techs do not get any CAA qualifications?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    REME has more than one trade, of course! Seriously, Aircraft Tech is a good job, in that it's well paid, and you're frankly a lot less likely to get shot than in other occupations (Recy Mech springs to mind). Mind you, you'll take your chance with other forms of incoming along with the rest of us :)
  5. Jonny,

    There have been some useful threads already on these topics. Drop into the Forums page and search for "technician".

    If you have 9 GCSE @ grades C and above, why are you not studying for A Levels?

    Both REME and the RLC offer excellent training to their technicians and the jobs are good too. But what do you want to do? Fix radios? Fix helicopters? Blow up piles of ammunition? If you go back to the main Army site and look for the links to the RLC and REME sites, you can find out what the technician trades do.

    If you decide to follow this route, just be prepared for the longest academic courses in the Army! If you are trying to escape school, there is a lot of pain ahead of you! :lol:

  6. If your so funkin clever why is your thread title written by an 8 year old! Or was English not in your 9 GCSE's?
    The Army is like the Scouts but without Adults in charge. Choose a trade that you would enjoy as a hobby and you won't go wrong.
  7. If you have a handful of O'levels, possibly even a degree and are too manly to want to become an orifficer you could get a trade in RE Military Survey starting at Spr. You'll be time barred but most get out after 5 years or so with more quals than a qualled thing. Stay in and you'll do well. Re. O'level and degree etc. I'm as thick as a pig in shit and got in through the back door. There was even talk of amalgimating our trade with RAF IA and Int Corps. "Hey Mum, Dad, your ferkin' thick drop-out of a son is now in the Intelligence Corps".

    "Son, you're a feckin liar".....
  8. I do apologise Monkey, good observation. I always thought English was my forte. Guess not!
  9. Anything Army with Technician in the job title will be well-paid, well-promoted, and well-sorted to make it in Civvy street when you eventually get out.

    Army life is varied enough to keep you interested, and on top of your trade - its what you make it really, just try not to think for yourself too much, just do what you're told and make sure the job gets done well, most importantly don't make any enemies and you'll have no problems.
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