Whats it like where you are??

I have a question to all members who are serving or have served.

What is/was the food like in your Mess/cookhouse?

Please be honest and do you have any interesting comments or memories of particular Army Chefs?


P.S. The Standard where I am is very High, But the Chef is barking mad!
Being a pad I dont eat much army chow these days and the chefs in the mess are civvies I think.
Must say though that during my 6 months in Oman last year, the food was superb and the Chefs did an excellent job particularly given the heat.
From memory though I seem to remember finding it strange that when you gave the chef crap conditions (excercise) or a high pressure situation like a Mess Function, they always produced the goods and usually you would get bad food when they were in their proper kitchen cooking basic food for a handful of people.


I was Messing Rep at a unit in Aldershot, the food was absoluetly superb. Along comes the messing meeting the only complaint?? The Tomato Ketchup wasn't Heinz!!I was too annoyed to mention it. Generally Army Chefs are in a no win situation, when the food is good, no one notices when it is not so good every one moans. Even worse than being a 'Monkey' ;D Mind you some of the Chefs I have met are not only 'barking' but 'bowfing' too.
To be honest.. it's pretty tits.   :(
Pretty tits sounds wonderful to me. But wasnt the Q about food?
Well I reckon that if you wanted something to take the punters mind off food (bad or good), then Ann Widdecombe's tits real, perceived or imagined is probably the weapon you would need in your armoury.
All this talk about Ann Widdicombe tits is certainly FOOD for thought.  I've got a hard on that I'll be hard pushed to get rid of thinking about those.
I also am a PAD, but find a massive difference between Regt Restaurants run by civvies compared to Military (Mil being the better).  Thing is, civvy chefs are paid 4.50 an hour compared to ours who are on high pay scale, so of course pay peants, get monky's.

In Pristina the NATO guys I worked with, which included yanks, Norwegians, Germans & French all thought the the Brit Cookhouse in the local MND (Pristina) was the best in Theatre - even better than Camp Bondsteel where it is just masses of junk food.
the food is very good now days and the singlie has so much more choice where as before we had only 2 ....take or leave it the chefs are unsung heroes and work damn hard in camp and on ex just keep the QM away to stop interfering
hoorah the RCWO's
Army chefs are the dogs.

In Bosnia I always ate like a lord, even in the old days when food was short in the Winter 'cos it wasn't coming up country.

When we had platoon bases with a chef in residence he was always the most popular bloke - up at all hours to meet incoming patrols with soup, doing breakfast for early partols, doing late breakfast for lads who were out all night.  Back in the Coy location it was all theme nights and huge choice.

Nothing but respect.


Well it's nearly unanimous, Army Chefs are the dogs!! and so is Ann Widdecombe's chest!! Why don't you mention it the next time you see them!! Both the Chefs and Ann might appreciate the comment, can't speak for your promotion prospects next time there is a 'Tory' Government though.
Lets be honest here boys and girls, Cookhouse food is only as good as the chef that cooked it, i mean you can have the most up to date state of the art cookhouse but whats the use if the chefs can't cook, and then you get your trl mnted cooker and the chef that turns out meals fit for the Ritz.
I once new a chef (12 Yrs ago) who was the best and to come to think of it he still is the best, same he got out.

But last of all what you have to think about is:
Why are they on the higher pay band, is it cos they have the hardest class one,  (as no one as passed it) 8) 8)
I agree with BLUENEGGET, when I complimented a Chef in Kosovo once that the food was 10 times better than in the NATO Foodhall he neary wet himself, never seen a compliment go down so well!
Talking about going down, our RAO has named his wife UNICOM in the hope that she will go down as often.


Lets face it as well as providing good food, Army Chef's are invaluable as Training Aids, who will ever forget the test of courage when on Guard having to wake the Cook CPL for breakfast duty at 0430?? Biological Warfare or what!!........Well I couldn't go too long with trashing them ;D
Our mess food is pretty damn poor. I'm getting to the stage of enjoying BOO duty, just so I can eat in the Cookhouse, where the chefs are very on the ball indeed.
Im cooking tonight so pretty shit hot.

This night I are be mostly eating taramasalata and pizza!!

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