Whats it like being an Ammo Tech nowadays?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by air_tra_con, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. i went through the school of ammo in 1992, and did my upgrading a couple of years later. banged out a couple of tours of belfast (1xbobcat and 1xtomcat) as a no.2, and spent 3 years in wulfen - then got out.

    are wulfen and bracht still going?
    how long is the course - is the format still the same?
    where do they get their egos from nowadays? - now that northern ireland is no longer a place where they can be easily picked up...

    i've been reading through some of the threads on here and it appears the trade is in turmoil and there's even a possibility that it could be disbanded! :cry:
  2. btw, meant to ask: how much does a t1 cpl take home?
  3. wow!

    anyway, i'm interested in tracking down a few good lads (four ammo techs & one sup con) who were either on my AT course or at wulfen:


    if anyone knows the whereabouts of these characters, could they pass on a message telling them to email me (Paddy L) at themonkeyjuggler@hotmail.com

  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

  5. Can't be that bad, they seem to get a PC issued with an ARRSE login on passing phase two training!
  6. Its fcuking fantastic! I was on 92B course, so you can PM me with the names if you want.
  7. No Rowley, he asked about Ammo Techs, not The Crippled Dwaffs Association!
  8. Careful now, there, BDH. You never know when you might need an operator to go down a small and odd shaped hole. My niche is secure!
  9. As are most small and odd shaped holes! 8O
  10. Ah FB..... Long time no see hope you and the better half are well. In reply to Rowley's 'specialist' qualification (namely Operating in small and odd shaped holes...) you also must enjoy the security felt by being in effect dual traded.... EOD Operator and substitute MAT (mobile ammunition traverse). With the mobile manner of modern warfare, the ability to provide quickly (ish) deployed mitigation for ammunition sites must be an outstanding asset on the battlefield!! Well done you!!!
  11. We aim to please, Mr no-bombs!