Whats it going take, to save our Country?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Thermal_Warrior, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Our NHS system is stretched to breaking point by overweight civvies and sponging, blood sucking, foreign w@nkers.

    Police are losing all their powers, because tree-hugging do-gooders, claim folks have 'rights', even when these scum bags are doing many 'wrongs'.

    Political Correctness, is sending all normal people insane, while those that wish to disrupt our lives are laughing hard.

    Prices are pushing us all to the wall, and many businesses are folding, allowing cheap foreign crap to fill our shops.

    British folks are being told that they can no longer have a Doctors / Dentists appointment, because they've had to be taken off the patient list, to make way for 100 'Johnny Foreigners', forced onto the books by local Government offices.

    Religion, now seems to be more important than common sense. Even though, religious beliefs are something that can't be proven and make NO sense what-so-ever.

    While I sit here every day, wondering how deep the rabbit hole goes... What's it going to take, to save this great Country?

    Aside from building a VERY large wall around this land, and starting genocide on all who shouldn't be here, I don't know.

    National Service would be a good start. Followed by bringing back hanging and giving normal citizens the power to protect their property, by force, and against any age group, without rules, if needed.

    Land of Hope and Glory?...... Not unless we do something NOW!
  2. Am I the only one with feelings about this?

    Bet I'm not!

  3. No your not matey :D

    But calm down, quite a few of your posts recently have been along the same lines though, which may explain the lack of replies :D

    Not a dig mate.
    Maybe youll have more luck when the morning shift arrive tomorrow :)
  4. I alwasy love the way 'do-gooder'; a person who does good, is used as a derogatory term.

    And yes, T-W, there's a slew of doom and gloom posts about at the moment, so your audience may be spread a bit thin.
  5. Ah the only people to respond on this thread all come from the same area
    :D :D :D :D :D
  6. Warwickshire?!
  7. :oops: Brum actually but close enough :D
  8. Yay, brum! Not a brummy myself (Born in solihull) but happy to take her to my heart!
  9. What's it going to take? It's too late for a reversal of fortunes. Keep working, keep paying taxes and you're guaranteed to keep getting kicked in the teeth. That's your job.

    BTW, Brown or Prestcott to take over from Blair as PM. Does ANYONE actually like these two as people let alone politicians? I can't think of a more disgraceful, more hated bunch. Guys, we hate you, don't you watch the news, read the papers or log onto ARRSE?
  10. Is this really a good idea? Think of all the scum bags you'd have to deal with and all the human rights they would have. You could neither boot them out via Colchester nor bury them, Beau Geste style, up to their necks in sand.

    I'm always reminded of two stories I read when people express this view. First - a bloke in New York heard a prowler in his kitcken in the dead of night. He fetches his gun, goes downstairs and shoots the prowler dead. You guessed it - the prowler was his daughter who came to the kitchen for a drink.

    Second story was about a Scottish couple on holiday - in Florida I think. They got drunk and lost their way walking back to their hotel - ended up hopelessly lost in a suburban housing estate in the small hours.

    No problem they think. Knock on one of the doors and ask to phone a taxi back to the hotel. What's the worst that could happen - an angry householder swearing at them perhaps? The drunk bloke picked a house and rang the door bell. The occupant of the house didn't even bother to open the door. He just opened fire through the closed door - killing the drunk.

    I agree that the laws relating to reasonable force and self defence in this country are ridiculously biased in favour of the criminal but I think allowing 'any means necessary' would lead to anarchy.
  11. Personally I dislike them all.
    There is not one solitary person in ANY political party who I would have faith in when it comes to the running of the country.
    Maybe its time we started the ARRSE Party.
    Ties and rosettes in the ARRSE colours.

    I'd vote for it :D
    Hell i'd even become a member!!!
    I'd stand for my local constituency. :D :D :D :D
  12. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Not only your Country either Cousin! We have mostly the same problems! (And we have S&W, Colt, SIG, Glock, etc.) :roll:
  13. Probaly going to get corrected very quickly on this, but;

    I was led to belive that you're alowed to use resonable force to escape from an attacker.

    However the Law see's your home as the last place you will flee to. Throw in if the attacker is tresspassing you're alowed to use reasonable force to eject them from your property as well, and you have a faily good case for home defense.

    Just make sure the force is reasonable.
  14. Did get told you can use reasonable force if the intruder is on the same level/floor as your wife/kids. So if you catch one drag him upstairs then proceed to give them the shoeing of their life. As ofrsorting out out our countrys problems won't happen as long as we have spinless MP's just doing the job to feather their own nest and the human rights act in place!
  15. T_W, eva thought of running for BNP, but seriously, it's a slippery slope and our govt are releasing our hand grip one finger at a time!