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Hey hey,

I have recently become involved in the Mens' Rights Movement and am putting together a video for YouTube.

I am after info about strenuous physical work soldiers do. So I would appreciate it if people could give examples of stuff that they do or did that was highly physical in nature. Even though I was a 22 year man, I know little of the details of other corps and regiments.

The sort of thing I am after is stuff like;

Engineers, what exactly is involved in building a bridge?
Infanteer, describe a typical firefight, including weights carried, distances travelled, etc?
Loggies, physical activities for a field replen.
Any other physically demnding activities in both exercise and operational environments.

Please understand, I am not asking for specific information on specific events. I merely want to get a flavour of the physically demanding nature of the various combat and support roles.

Also to pre-empt any accusations of mysogyny, I would also like the hear about and roles/trades that are more suitable for the gender specific traits and abilities that women bring to the table. Which will be for a follow up video.

Please understand I am not interested in roles that can be filled equally well by either sex, for instance HR Administrator, Drill Instructor. But typical roles and tasks of the Armed Forces that are more suited to the general gender specific traits of one or the other.

Please provide a supporting statement for your view. Also, please be aware that I am not after specific details of one particular incident but more about the generalilties.

No personal information and nothing that would break op effectiveness or security of either individuals or the armed forces as a whole.



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22 years and you do not have a clue about what the various corps and regiments actually do?

Secondly, and far more disturbing, is what is the intention of a men's rights movement? Do men actually need more rights than we actually have? If so, I would refer you to that well founded source of philosophy of all things both religious and sectarian, The Life of Brian. It is of course a man's right to have babies if they have a box in which they can gestate.


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i hear the dance of the flamming ********* is fairly physical...
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I think I need to qualify my oroginal question and I will use bridge building as an example:

1. How long does it take?
2. What sort of weight is involved for a single person to be able to carry and for what period of time?
3. Are you expected to work non stop until the task is completed or is there a 'shift' system involved?

When I said I know little, although I am fully aware that Engrs build bridges (amongst other things) never having served with an Engr unit, I don't know the details, as I had no reason to know them.

And I would like to reiterate that the question is 2 sided, which everyone appears to have missed.
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