Whats Involved with the SAA Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smileriraq, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Due to go on a TA SAA course in a few weeks and trying to find out whats involved on the course, Ive heard theres a lot of "memorising" of the lesson to be done and im a little concerened in that Im not very good at quoting things verbatim

    anyone been on the course recently that can give me a heads up on whats involved

    Is it physically demanding (im fairly fit so not too worried if it is)

    Is it a easy going course or is it skull fruck time? (again not worried either way just trying to go in forewarned)

    Is there downtime or is your downtime spent doing homework revising/preparing your lesson etc

  2. My bold

    Hope this helps

    Out of interest what Capbadge are you
  3. smiler

    i take it you'll be going on the one in May?

    if so will see you there.
  4. RA Capbadge recently transferred to RTC in Cardiff

    Yes Ill be going to the course in May just trying to do the preparation now allready got PAM 5 and reading through it now but dont think Ill have it memorised by then

    Looking forward to the course , just trying to ensure I dont embarrass myself so trying to do the groundwork now.

    Many thanks for your help btw sticky confirms what i expected just got to go in with PMA and see what sticks now
  5. Jog! only if going to Brecon....apart from that yeah that was what mine was like. Make sure your per drills are good before you go, forget DIT/BIT style of teaching its good old MOIT.
  6. Well Brecon is where im off to but i dont mind a bit of jogging all helps keep me in shape.

    now if i can just sort out my goldfish like short term memory out ill be fine