Whats In Your Webbing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LeeOfHam, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if this has been done/asked before! I did try searching but found nothing!!

    What do you carry in your webbing?
  2. Done loads of times!
  3. Ammo, water, ears and a dry-cured Iraqi foreskin.
  4. Usually, anybody who'd heard of my secret stash of porn and Mars Bars.
  5. 1 Hollywood magazine, 14 Rambo knives and a Colt Python .45 revolver. and my hip flask of gin.

    I can't believe that your unit doesn't tell you what to carry. Even cadets get given a kit list; otherwise some cretin will decide that carrying water on a hot day is not worth the effort.
    Unless you're an airsoft walt, in which case our advice of of little relevence to you.
  6. whats in my webbing? dunno hang on l will have a look.....
  7. A big dead spider was in mine the last time i looked. Very big...glad it was dead! :lol:
  8. A quick check reveals the following

    approx half a water bottle of rancid water,
    half a rat pack
    two times hexi coated messtins
    half used hexi block and cooker
    45m of green string so tangled it is useless
    weapon cleaning kit in broken tupperware container
    batteries in a in-determinate state of charge
    foot powder
    dirty and worn "spare" socks
    porn mag
    hip flask

    then i gave up :p
  9. Dried Argentinian Ears
  10. mmm, Crunchy. :D
  11. Mouldy perhaps?

    bleh, We've all got an immune system eh?

    I just looked in my belt kit and found a sky remote...

    we were looking for that little funker for weeks. Yup, sky TV on exercise in the middle of otterburn 8) what else are FEPS gennies for?
  12. I'll tell what wasn't in my fecking webbing - my metal '58 patttern mug. On TQ my son he remembered taking it on a CCF exercise three years ago and not remembering to bring it back! Cnut. I'll have to use my three gallon RM-approved Norwegian canteen mug thing instead...chiz!
  13. 2x Water Bottle
    6x Magazine (Empty)
    1x Weapon Cleaning kit

    Its stays that way other than sometimes it gets heavy when bullets and water are added!