What's in your webbing?

more fags booze and bongo mags
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2 waterbottles and a brew kit and a rat pack pud


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blimey...never seen a thread like this before.
I always find a small but handy anvil comes in very useful from time to time.
Yeah, I am a cadet, but why should that matter? I understand that loads of people think the cadets is gash, and so do I at times, it gives me something to do and a taste of what my future life is going to be like, being interested in what full time soldiers keep on them during ex is just plain curiosity. /rant
a) Your not going to get a serious answer

b) Cadets arn't gash on here though they can be a tad annoying.

In keeping with the thread

several packets of screech , mess tins a balaclava and a **** sock and one of those natty surviuval kits which I will never open and don't know how to use. You can tell I haven't touched it since I left the spaceys.

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