Whats in your toybox?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. We have recently been OFTED-ed at the play school where i am a committee member and trustee. The worthy, rather serious inspector lady made some observations and recommendations. She firstly observed that the toys in our school were not representative of the community. Apparently there was only one black doll. She suggested that we were giving an impression of a single (i.e.) white cultural model and environment. Well damnit - this is a Cotswol;d village not Hayes or Brixton.

    She suggested (as in "or else") we should purchase several toys, and provided lists of stockists, to remedy this situation. I kid you not, these were to include a black disabled child and a female police or fire figthing doll.

    There are two "black" families in the village - a 100% increase since I last ranted. However one of these families is a mixed marriage so probably the wife is seen as a race-traitor. Both are A1 type families, one being African royalty. I do not think she would like an interview with either of the womenfolk in these families. Their response to the toy suggestion I can only imagine but "put", "up" and "your arrse" are likely to have featured in the dialogue.

    If I had read this in the Daily Mail I think I would have taken it as a piece of journalistic invention or at least with a wee pinch of salt. However I read it in an OFTSED report by an apparently sane and frighteningly powerful person. Now then, where was that emigration pull-out from the papers?
  2. Is Action Man not allowed then?

    Seriously these people are a menace and do more harm than good. In Manchester 20 years ago my ex-missus blagged £1000 from GMC for the Church playgroup. They gave her the money with no accounting action required but with a "suggested" list of toys including ..... yep you guessed, a selection of multiculturally representative etc.

  3. Curiously enough, the shopping list we have received is for around a grand's "worth" of PC tom foolery...
  4. Kind of hard to find toy guns and hand grenades for Mini MSI too
  5. Not in Sarajevo :headbang:
  6. If she wants a black doll, buy a Golliwog, that'll go down well.
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  7. Well school should reflect life so you need a doll wearing a burka, the bent politician doll, the lesbian doll in dungerees and of course ro offset all these the commando gunner doll!
  8. Pah! I thought this was a thread about these toys... :roll:
  9. Cuddles, you are joking? Please tell me, by private message if necessary, that this is a wind up.

    PS. I would like a Welsh dolly in a rugby jersey. Do I have to specify gender?

    Bliar's Wonderful Britain - What a Joke
  10. Ah, you see. You have not grasped the basic principles or concepts of the precepts, models or populist theories expoused by our esteemed and revered elected representatives.

    Dolls of this type have to be gender neutral in order to prevent a faciliation of the stereotyping of gender in sports and other activities.

    PS I did not vote for Mr Blaaahhhh!

    PPS I still have an Action Man

    PPPS And, I like my ladies to be ladies [if you know what I mean]
  11. me too DB...am strangely disappointed!!!!
  12. I wish I was joking. This inane ruling (sorry recommendation) means we will be a grand down on our fund-raising this year, before we start fund-raising!
  13. I was 28 before I really got to know a 'nonwhite' person and we got on great without me having any awareness training/education/roleplaying etc .... ok she was a babe .... but feck ... not going to see me pointed out for racism ... hot totty is hot totty no matter the skin colour and I didn't need any special lessons or toys to figure that out!
  14. A friend who is a Childminderwas told she needed to purchase more black dolls, books and other items as she was not multi-cultural enough and it would put off black families.


    She at that time was looking after a black child (she did have a black doll but I suspect the little boy was not interested in it...).

    I am far from racist but suspect that you will not find 'Barbie' in a mosque playgroup...
  15. Seems Barbie will be getting a burkah in the forthcoming Mattel Islamic playset. It comes with a female castration kit & strap on suicide belt. Ken gets an ak47, a koran and a voucher for 72 virgins redeemable if you can get enough mattel points.