Whats In Your Shed?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Of late there seems to be a plethora of threads relating to blokey issues.

    So, I thought I'd add another.

    What is a shed? For most women in it is nothing more than a large wooden cupboard seperate from the house where things less understood or greasy can be stored.

    For the man, and more importantly the working man, it is a so much more. It is a place where tools and accessories can be stored in the correct containers or hung on hooks with their silhouettes carefully drawn in marker pen; a place where projects can be completed undisturbed and in silence; somewhere where a brown ale can be imbibed or tobacco consumed; where a newspaper or mens magazine can be perused in privacy or a pigeon loft erected. For men the shed has many uses and is a mystical place as important as any temple.

    Once a visiting male has proven himself trustworthy, usually after a couple of beers, he will often be shown the inner sanctum of the shed. A shed, and it's contents, are one of mans proudest achievements.

    So, what's in your shed? (who know's ... Lord Lucan, Shergar and Maddy may just turn up!)
  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Saddam's WMDs. He was well annoyed about that, too.
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    A comprehensive supply of power tools. Many bought on a whim, or in a market. Some quite exotic in purpose and impractical in everyday life, and none of which I can use efficiently, capably or, in some cases, at all.
    And as aforementioned, jars, tins and boxes filled with screws, nails and sundry items.

    And a couple of BFO knives, for no other reason than I liked the look of them.
  4. could be possible, my place is rented i have a fairly large brick belt shed with power and a fridge freezer for beer, and plenty of tools all in racks and hung up,
    but the guy that actualy owns the property (the landlord) has a really large shed at the back of the property that used to be a workshop only its locked and we don't have a key, and i'm pretty sure i heard a childs voice from inside

    *edited for mong spelling
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Wot he said, but my 'dodgy geezer' knives are in the 'green corner' of my office.

    I've collected everything from chisels to big circular saws in my efforts to tune into my latent blerkishness.
  6. Spiders mainly, and some pots of paint that have long since dried out along with brushes fossilised with same paint....that I'm going to get round to washing out soon.......or chuck and buy new ones! but then again I'm a girl so sheds hold no allure for me!

    Bike sheds however....now you're talking! well round the back of them!
  7. various collection of stolen paslodes, drills, saws etc, a large abundance of stolen PPE, a large collection of broken bits and bobs that I cant fix but refuse to give away, arbyettes currently broken spare set of GHDs that I will get sorted. Honestly babe, I will do it tonight.
  8. Oh hang on, yep, I don’t have a shed!

    I do have a garage though but it’s really packed with shite and boxes. (Not actual shite).

    Now don’t get me wrong its got loads of tools in it, but there spread all over the place to point that I can rarely find what I’m looking for.

    Does this mean I should start pumping men in the never never?
  9. I never go into mine due to guard spiders.... all my gardening stuff hangs on the door... I open the door take what I need and close it again....
  10. ah, my lovely garage :D

    loads of crap; paint tins, doors etc, left by the last owner
    (only been in 2 1/2 years now)

    double glazing & windows for the back of the house
    (doing that next weekend)

    a 25l drum of diesel/petrol mix from when the missus put petrol in the diesel tank
    (cnut! wonderful evening that was siphoning off the fuel, yum fcucking yum!)

    a load of old pc's, networking equipment, monitors & servers that i rescued from previous jobs

    and the old fridge freezer, that was going to be filled with beer for the glorious bbq season, but probably won't even get plugged in at all this year :cry:

    eventually i'm gonna kit it out as a minigym/home office/dads room - fingers crossed! :p
  11. Is breaking a tool by using it for the wrong purpose a man-fail for using it wrong or a man-success for using initiative?
  12. [/quote]
    Well given the score sheet to play with I'd pass myself for that. I made wire 'blades' (from the roll in the shed) where the stupid bits of plastic wire dangle out and used it that way - more cutting power. It was fun! Wore gloves, shades and a hat at first of course to avoid getting sliced by flying wire but soon realised the risk was low - but they do twist off eventually with the resistance of cutting ...flying off to make a harmless 'ping' noise like a coathanger being dropped.[/quote]

    A little bit of solder or locktight stops it coming unwound, really good on any frogs you come across as well. :D
  13. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Oh, forgot to add. As from 1900 I will have Charlotte stored in my shed. In a full harness, with shackles and cuffs. But don't tell her, it is to be a surprise.
  14. Not really got room for a big shed so got a couple of those cabinet thingies. One is for decorating & gardening bumphf and the other has pots of screws, nails, saws tool boxes. Its also doubling as wood storage for the new stove till I can get the cellar cleared out. Power tools are in the loft , just incase some chav decides to go late night theiving.
  15. Garages count ... nothing wrong with surrogate sheds ... a shed is a generic term for a man space and a man needs his space.

    I reckon extra man-points for breaking a tool using it for something it wasn't designed to do ... nothing wrong with man the hunter exercising his pioneering skills particularly when he places himself in harms way to do it.