Whats in your fine pint?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by left_handed_sailor, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Having read through some of the greatest posts on Arrse about hoop dhobis and dockers omletes, it made me reminiss back to a fine evening drinking up in Hull with the rugby club.

    Being the ever eager volunteer, I mucked in with their drinking games having no regard for the numerous random rules that takes years to master. As inevitable as Gary Glitter in a school playground I was awarded a fine pint for my errors. This was an empty pint glass that was passed around the bar inviting contributions from all and sundry. The result was horrible: A mixture of random drinks with a third of the glass being filled with a slimy greeny head, and just to top it off there was the content of a few ashtrays and some cotton wool from somebody's well used plaster cast.

    The fact that I had to do another one immediately afterwards since I drank it with the wrong hand does not detract me from enquiring if anybody else has had such an experience, and what would be the perfect addition to such a pint?
  2. Similar to the above post but with the inclusion of various plasters from blistered feet, complete with blister juice and soggy skin.

    Oh, and a turd.
  3. AAGF


    One I remember from the battery bar in Munterlager involved all the usual liquids/fluids topped off with two elderly pickled eggs and a condom full of vodka. Served in a lighting globe. I don't remember much after that.
  4. pint glass! What a bunch of pussys, real men use the used boot/shoe from the match before. My worst included tuna mayo.
  5. Worst was a turd with a cocktail umbrella pressed into the pointy, crimped end. Ruined a decent pint of Landlord.
  6. Unbrella in a pint , a step too far that is.

  7. You drink pints? how un-couth! What's wrong with a small sweet sherry?
  8. Ahh, the sherry glass is way too small to hold a turd and a measure of sherry ( preferably British sherry of course )

  9. Piss. In the boot of the man with the largest feet. Usually a Second Row.
  10. One of the lads in my unit lost his leg in an IED strike on Telic a year or two ago.

    His leg get's passed around the table full of ale...
  11. Brattie Banger alert