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Whats in your bergen?

Can't find anything on this so I thought I'd ask...

I know what I put in mine but thought I'd ask what you'd "seriously" put in your bergen for a couple of weeks in the field....?
I'm not sure what your driving at really; do you want to know what you'd carry in the way of additional luxuries etc. or are do you want a list of things like Goretex and Doss bag? :?

Hip flask, a bit of porn and a book would get my vote.
More than likely the same shite you put in yours, what else are you gonna put in? A telly? hi fi? Laptop? Or a nice set of table and chairs for all the lads to sit round watching the sun going down whilst eating sauage and beans....
Bennett said:
The_Dirty_Trooper said:
bibo_boy said:
The_Dirty_Trooper said:
anyone know where i can buy an inf TAM?
Ask someone in the inf section to send you and e-copy...

May have to do it via Armynet?
Got anymore info on this?
TAMs are restricted material, if you need one you should be given one. Ask your section comander or troop Sgt.
Are you sure it's TAMs you're looking for?

I've yet to see any of you stormtroopers digging in, or doing anything infantry-like and I've seen most of the Star Wars films.

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